A Growing Time at Gran's: Pt 2

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

“Sweet Bobsie,” Rose called out, “I know you will enjoy the pleasure . . . this anal pleasure I am giving you. I know this small dildo isn’t that big but it will give you a peek into what life just might have in store for you dear!” With that Rose fucked my ass nice and slow but going deeper and deeper. She even wiggled her dong back and forth and around and around sending me way into an orgasm!

“Oh Bobsie,” Rose cried out, “Your cum is flowing everywhere . . . I mean everywhere love! I had no idea you had that much cum in you sweetheart!” With that Rose swept up a hand full of my little penis cum and placed it against my lips! Without thinking I opened my mouth and drank in all this cum as she poured it into my mouth!

“That’s it Bobsie, drink down your sweet cum. Enjoy having male cum in your mouth sweetie! It’s good for you . . . you know your health and all!”

The next morning Rose led me out to her garden and we worked tending it for hours! Just like Gran Rose dropped squat next to the tomato plants and let her pee flow out! What a sight it was watching her complete her piss then pulling up her panties and letting her dress drop back down.

“Bobsie,” Rose spoke, “Don’t be shy sweetie you can squat too for your pee pee!”

So with her encouragement I too lifted the pretty dress Gran had sent for me and pulled down the lace panties that felt so good. Like Rose had told me I too squatted down and let my pee flow out but unlike Rose most of mine went all over my panties making a complete mess!

“Oh Bobsie,” Rose cried out, “don’t worry sweetheart just pull them back up and I’ll get you a clean pair after we shower!”

Once back in her house Rose had me strip down again and get into her shower. She followed suit and stripped out of her clothes climbing into her shower with me. First she washed my hair and then hers. Next she began washing my chest and then washed my penis and balls.

“Your little penis is hiding from me Bobsie,” Rose sort of whispered. “But I pulled him out so I can get ahold of him . . . you know to get him good and clean!” Once she had rinsed the soap off Rose moved forward and sucked my little penis into her mouth! “I just wanted to make sure I got all of your pee off your clit Bobsie.” Rose finally commented!

After we finished Rose found my last clean dress and a little pair of bright pink panties! After the panties were on me, Rose told me to stand still and she grabbed her phone. “I’ve just got to get a picture of you in these sexy little panties for me and . . . well for Bessie . . . and well for Tom too I’m sure . . . oh yes Tom would love this picture so very much!”

That evening after supper while we were watching TV there was a knock at the front door. Once Rose opened it in walked Tom!

“Hi you two,” Tom spoke, “I was just out and thought I would stop by and see how you two were getting along!”

Tom and Rose visited for quite a while when they both got up and left the room. Not too much later they returned and Rose told me that Bessie had agreed that I should head home with Tom tonight, help him for a couple of days then return home to her.” Rose shared with me.

With those instructions Tom told me to gather up my clothes and come out to his truck. All of my clothes were dirty but I put them in a plastic bag that Rose gave me and out I went to Tom and Rose. “Give me a kiss by Bobsie,” Rose told me. And with that she kissed me pushing her tongue deep into my mouth!

Tom drove me to his farm house and brought me inside. “Bobsie,” Tom spoke, “Rose told me all of your girly clothes are dirty so let’s put a load in to wash!” He led me to the laundry room and he emptied my bag of clothes into his washer. Then he told me to run to his room and grab his dirty clothes to wash too!

Sure enough I found several pairs of his underwear thrown onto the floor and some socks among them. As I brought them back to Tom I couldn’t help but take in the strong odor coming from his underwear and when I brought a pair to my nose I found them crusty . . . sort of hard in places . . . with an off color stain on them . . . and most of all a crazy wild smell . . . one that sort of tasted like my cum I drank down BUT only much much stronger!

That evening Tom brought me to his bedroom and told me to strip down. “We sleep in the raw at my house Bobsie!” Tom shared. So I slipped out of my dress and panties and climbed into his bed. Tom set down on the bed and then I heard him open and close his night stand.

I felt Tom climb on into bed as he then pulled up next to me. “It’s going to cool off tonight Bobsie so we had better spoon together to keep warm.” Tom shared.

With that I felt Tom pull close to him as he rubbed a couple of fingers against my butthole with a cool cream. Then I felt Tom pull me still closer to him as I felt his cock push against my butthole!

“Just relax sweetie,” Tom whispered, “Rose told me she got you ready for breeding . . . I mean to be with me. Yes girly girl just relax and let me give you such a pleasure that you’ll never want anything every again but a nice big cock making love to you sweet pussy young lady!”

Tom fucked me on and on and yes . . . once again I felt my little penis pushed out its cum all over his bed sheets!

“Oh Tom,” I cried out, “I’m cumming . . . oh my I am cumming hard!” I fell to sleep with Tom’s cock still in my ass that night!

“Bobsie,” Tom began to speak later, “Bessie tells me you want to attend university this fall. I told her that you should live here . . . you know with her and then you could save money on room and board and you could take turns helping with chores between Bessie, Rose and me!”

“That sounds good to me.” I replied to Tom. And during our entire conversation Tom continued to fuck me harder and deeper. He must have shot two or three loads of cum deep inside my ass pussy this first evening staying with him! Over the next two days Tom fucking my girly pussy several more times . . . each time leaving load after load of cum inside of me!

Once I returned home to Gran’s house she asked me to step down and chat. I told her how nice Rose and Tom had been and how much I liked helping them with their chores!

“Bobsie,” Gran called out, “Why don’t we catch up on our dirty laundry right off the bat to get off on the correct foot.” So with that I grabbed my dirty clothes and headed to the washer. “Bobsie let me take your clothes and you can grab my dirty clothes from our bedroom.”

Once again when I gathered up Gran’s dirty clothes her nasty panties were the first thing that caught my attention! All of them were loaded with pee stains and of course poop streaks! But this time they were also coated with that same kind of smell . . . you know cum but this time somewhat very different!

As I brought the dirty clothes to Gran she took them and told me to grab to Spray and Wash! She took each of her panties . . . spread them inside out . . . and sprayed the quite dirty crotches with a good amount of liquid! “I’m trying to get these old things clean again but you know Bobsie it seems that they only get nastier each week! And Bobsie I think I noticed a new special smell on your panties dear . . . Did Tom share his man love with you too?”

“Oh yes Bobsie,” Gran added, “I got us a surprise while you were going to love!” With that I watched Gran open the basement door and in troughed a large black Lab! “His name is Duke and he has been trained to help out inside the house with some special chores Bobsie!”

I found out this very evening that Duke had been trained for some special chores . . . like breeding both girls and boys. Duke fucked Gran like she was a bitch doggie breeding her and even locking up with his knot! Later Gran had me get on my hands and knees as she helped Duke mount me! She helped aim his doggie cock straight into my boi pussy and more than Tom . . . Duke rammed his doggie cock deep into me!

Gran was rewarded with catching my large load of cum and we both got off . . . my doggie master and his boi bitch!

I completed my next four years of schooling all the time dressed in my pretty dresses . . . always with the prettiest panties we could purchase. Living with Gran turned out to be the best idea my parents had ever had!

My dad was the most pleased as I returned home to live. Dad quickly took the place of my friend Tom and of course Mom quickly took the place of both Gran and Rose. It turns out that my parents were quite liberal in their marriage as I found out they attended some wild parties where I was also invited! There were so many men and women that wanted to spend that special time fucking me . . . along with the pets many of them brought too!

I had no idea that there were so many different way to make a person cum . . . so many different flavors of cum . . . well of pee and poo too!!!!! I found it also so interesting that some of the people set up movie cameras and made films of the time having sex with me!

Me and my cute dresses . . . and of course my sexy lace panties were always the hit of every movie! Turns out the special shots and pills that were provided for me at these parties were making a real difference in my . . . well my girly breasts that were now already a B Cup . . . as well as making my little penis EVEN smaller! My balls had all but disappeared leaving only my much smaller ball sack! My penis has drawn totally up inside my body leaving my sex area looking very much like that of a hairy little girl!

Oh how I love living as a new and sweet little boi!!!!

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