She Was Soft Spoken

by Curious Man (Everett, Wa)

I have been chatting with her for about a year now.

She was about 145lbs with short black soft hair.

Her breasts are a B cup and she is about 5' tall. We have talked about all kinds of stuff but lately she was bringing up her past sex and how much she loves posing in panties and bras.

Then she brought up porn and said she wanted to be in a few of them and that she was interested in a couple or two women or 2 men.

I asked her what sex she has had and she said it wasn't much.

A couple of men and 2 women.

But she had only done oral except for the time her brother fucked her mouth and then her asshole she said she loved it especially when he came in her.

And I then asked about the women and she said that they used dildos on her asshole and forced her to slide a dildo down the neck, all 12" of it.

She again said she wanted to be fucked good and she likes what she has done before.

I'm now just rock hard and she said can I suck you?

I walked in to the bathroom stripped and called her back.

She dropped her dress and bra on the floor.

I started to suck her tits and she had a huge nipple and a big dark ring around them.

She told me to take off her panty hose and she bent over the bed and slid those panties aside.

I put some lube on that round asshole and slid into it I am now fucking her hard and she was moaning then she said she was going to cum and so did I.

She just layed there and my dick slid out and I went into the bathroom and washed my cock off.

When I came back in she was on her side telling me that she loves it in her but I told her I wanted to suck her clit.

She took off her panties and slowly turned around with her hands on her pussy I asked her if she wanted me to lick her clit and she said yes but I need to show you something.

I'm on my knees and she moved here hands and there is a 3" hard on.

I couldn't believe it I thought the whole time she was a he.

She said she wanted to tell me but she loves dressings like a girl.

She loves taking a hard on in her asshole to.

I started to suck her hard on.

It wasn't long and she was squirting all over my face and mouth.

She then slid down and licked my face clean.

Then I mouth fucked her hard yes I was in her neck.

She made me cum 3 times in her mouth.

He now comes over 3-5 times a week and makes me cum in her.

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