A Sissies Story: Part 4

by Faye Valentine (Illinois)

So as we left I'm tied to spinning table belly full a semen from multiple strangers.

This is just the beginning of the night, the man unties me and I drop face first on the table with my ass up just a little covered in sweat some mine some there the smell of semen fills the room.

The men all laugh at me and call me, bitch, sissy, faggot, pathetic, whore and so on my stomach and mouth hurt so I rub my belly a little if feels full and a little distended.

The man of the house tell one of them to pick me up and bring me to the closest so one of the large black men throws me over his shoulder and brings me to the door they open it and put me down softly inside.

Then the man of the house grabs some kind of bondage device that straps your wrist to your ankles behind your back he puts it on me and then grabs a pair of noise cancelling headphones and a vr headset and puts both of them on me.

It's dark I cant hear or see a thing next I feel a rubber dildo pushing against my lips I reluctantly open my mouth and he pushes it in OH GOD it's a gag is facing into the back of my head tight so it wont come out.

He the processed to pick me up so I'm standing and I feel a pair of panties slide up my leg put before they are all the way up I feel a little tube shape thing rubbing my butthole very wet covered in lube.

He pushes it in and it squirts lube into me it must link a turkey pastor or something he does 5 time until my ass is filled with lube he then slowly start pushing a dildo into my ass.

He worked it in and out until he gets the whole thing in after he got it in he pulls the panties the rest of the way up and start connecting the dildo to them with some ring type device and pulls the panties up as high as he can.

I squirm and he grab my neck and head and forces me to my knees, finally he locks the bondage device to hooks on the floor I can no longer move.

Its completely dark all I can hear is my heart racing.

Just then i make out the sound of the closet door slamming closed OH GOD NO! I panic I'm scared a million thoughts running through my head and then out of no wear the vr screens turn on and I see people in a room.

Wait that's me he playing the video of me getting used by him and his friends, next I feel a large vibration in my ass the dildo is a vibrator too! I squirm and wiggle as much as I can but I cannot more a d the dildo is secured tightly in my ass.

What must have been three or four hours go by I guess this because the video has repeated itself multiple times. And my body is so weak and tired I just want to leave why is this happening why and I'm bound up watching myself getting used with both my holes plugged please let this end I think to myself.

The vibrator stops and someone pulls the headphones of my head then the vr off my face.

It's the women from the video she I say you poor thing let's get you out of there she unhooked me from the floor and from behind her back she pulls out a dog leash and clips it to my bodage gear.

"Come on little bitch she says let's go out"

she walks me to the back door and we go into the back yard which is fenced in and she unhooked the dildo from the panties and slides them off,

"Now Squat bitch"

Time to go potties I squat and as soon as I do the dildo shoots out of me follow by a pool of lube.

She says good girl and wipes my ass with a towel let's go back inside bitch is too cold out here.

I'm going to have fun with my little puppy before the boys get back!

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