by Janae

My brother in law and his wife had been trying to get their hands on my money for some time.

This time their scheme worked.

They all knew of my crossdressing as my wife had discussed it with them as a shoulder to lean on.

My brother in law enlisted the help of a man.

My wife was told I had sex with this man while I was dressed as a woman.

The man was to be paid for his involvement and told my wife it was true.

I was completely abandoned by my wife.

I was given the choices of being turned in to police or turning myself over to her brother for punishment.

I took the latter. I first had to sign all my assets over to my wife.

This left me broke and homeless.

I moved in with my brother in law and wife.

Immediately I was dressed as a woman.

I was put on hormones and also fed mind altering drugs my brother in laws wife was taking.

With money given to them from my wife I also was given facial feminization surgery and nice perky CC cup breast.

I was taught to behave with the mannerisms of a 30ish submissive woman. At night I was femmed up in stockings, high heels, bra and corset.

I was sitting in a chair with a seven-inch dildo slid up my ass.

I was bound to the chair with my head staring straight at a tv.

The dildo was electric and was turned on, its soft bulgy head rotating inside me.

Then the tv was turned on and I helplessly watched feminization videos for hours.

With the hormones and drugs in me I became a blubbering sissy girl.

Bother in laws wife had my lips plumped and permanent tattoo make up decorating my now fully feminine face.

With the help of the all mighty internet I was issued ID's that would easily pass for what I would need.

After 1 year I was totally undetectable as my old self. I was a perky, air head, 30ish outgoing girl.

Then they had saved the most unbelievable for last.

Brother in laws wife had a brother 3 years older than us. He was also gay.

In an act of vindictive humiliation, I was going to become his wife.

I was taken out on several dates by him and we became very sexually active.

He had me sucking his cock and swallowing his seed almost daily.

At his home I learned to fuck doggystyle.

The feeling of him ejaculating inside me reduced me to a moaning bitch. His bitch.

He proposed to me in front of brother in law and wife which I accepted. We had a real wedding.

He had many friends as well as brother in laws wife also had several women present to watch me give myself to my man.

I wore the same wedding dress my brother in laws wife wore at their wedding and I took my womanly vows.

I live with my new husband as a totally obedient loving wife. Sex is great and I love being the woman in a man's bed.

So I still have my brother in law and now sister in law. Just from a different perspective.

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