Sissy Loves Mommy

by Mama's Boy (Clovis, Ca, USA)

Darlings are inevitably mother's pride and joy.

They need their mom's luscious breasts.

Mom's need their babies lips.

The instinct never wanes. BOY'S requirements include the unrelenting mother's demand for her loving son.

My cock ached for release. Mom's panties were handy.

Mom eventually caught on to my nasty habits. Her panties so moist and sweet led me to the real deal.

She kept our relationship absolute secret.

She was deliriously giddy with my coveting her wet and willing vagina. Her needs expanded to wanting more.

More of my eager young penis in her damp cunt.

Flaunting her body by wearing scanty lingerie, she took chances. She would rub me under the table.

I responded by getting erect. She cornered me in the bathroom. Taking me in her mouth, I soon needed relief.

My penis was painfully hard. Mom knew she easily could coax me into an intimate situation.

Her panties smelled like sex. I buried my face in them. Soon my erect penis was pummeling mom's pussy.

Her grunts and groans were echoing throughout the house. I turned up the stereo to muffle her squealing.

Still, I was addicted to mom's pussy. She needed my young cock so very much. I started to take chances as well.

Fucking my mom in every conceivable way possible. Dad was always doing something and rarely came close to catching us.

Mom's sexuality was extraordinary. Her needs insatiable, she could do dad then come to my room after dad fell asleep.

It became a habit. I looked forward to my mom's advances. She liked to sit on my face as I licked and sucked her.

I could cum merely from rubbing against her. What a predicament. I loved mom but something had to give.

I began to deny mom her desire to get off on me. Her wrath was imminent. Her wet panties enticed me.

Soon I was again slipping my erect penis back in mom's vagina.

I was committing incest yes, but it felt great and wasn't about to stop anytime soon.

Our secret was safe and we took precautions. Her body was mine.

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Apr 17, 2020
Mama's needs
by: Anonymous

So incredibly luscious. Mother adored my young cock in her accepting pussy. Mother always aims to please. I ADMITTEDLY fuck my adorable mom on a regular basis. Dad approves and shows me exactly how to suck too.

Mar 01, 2020
by: Anonymous

my mom caught me masturbating into her panties, so now instead of masturbating i fuck her tight pussy and cum in her

Feb 24, 2020
Mom's make nice lovers
by: Anonymous

At first your mom was probably reluctant to let you suck her breasts. Once you did?, mom was wet and ready. My mother treated me like the sissy I had become. Wearing her panties and lingerie she included makeup and of course sky high heels. At just 18 I loved looking pretty for my mom. She wore luxurious lingerie too. My little sissy clitty felt nice under mom's panties and pantyhose. Soon mommy was calling me her "daughter with a dick".
Her luscious teats and wet panties beckoned to me. My young clitty was always in need of my mom's attention. Usually mom admitted she prefers incestuous dick. I was ashamed until mom convinced me it was perfectly alright to love one's mom. After I got over my initial reluctance, me and mom were regular lovers.

Feb 23, 2020
My mom too...
by: Anonymous

I wanted to fuck her so bad. I knew she was changing her dress. I went into her room and asked her why she was naked and she told me she just finished showering. I grabbed her and hugged her from the back. Pressing my hard cock against her ample ass. She could feel that I was hard and asked me what was making me hard. So I told her that I always find her sexy these days and I reached for her boobs to play with. She started moaning but said that we couldn't do it as I was her favorite baby, but I told her I didn't care I just wanted her. I turned her around and started to kiss her neck as I grabbed her tits. She started to breath heavy and was grinding her crotch area against my thigh. I pulled my cock out of my boxer as I laid her on the bed. She raised her thighs and I lined up my cock with her bushy pussy and opening her slit by my fingers slid my cock in her wet dripping pussy. It was a smooth and warm glide in and it felt so good. I pushed wider her thighs and started pounding her pussy. I was trying to not cum. I could feel her cum as her abdomen convulsed. I started calling her my slut and my bitch and that her pussy was all mine. When I finally came I went as deep as I could inside her pussy and emptied my nuts. I pulled out and told her to clean my cock. So she started licking it clean as I was stroking her juicy pussy. She is now my fuck doll and she is addicted to my young hard cock.

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