Jennifer's Dream

by Jen (Ohio)

I was 18 when mother caught me wearing her girdle. I just loved the firm all around feel and how smooth the front panel and butt was. I didn't know mom was looking at me as I stood there rubbing my hands all over the girdle and feeling the bulge in front.

Mom had left to go see her sister 50 miles away. She forgot her purse and came back. Needles to say I was in total shock. Thinking to myself that here comes the yelling. To my complete surprise mom just stood there with a strange gleam in her eye and her mouth slightly open.

When mom finally spoke she asked me if I really enjoyed wearing her girdle. I got over my shock and said YES it turns me on but I don't know why. I told her I saw it on the bathroom floor and had to try it on I was just curious as to how it felt.

Mom reached for my hand and led me to her room , not saying a word. she went into her drawers and pulled out a pair of nylon stockings. Handing them to me she exclaimed If you like the feel of my girdle, you'll love these.

She bent down and helped me slide them up my legs and hooked them to the metal garters. The smooth silky feel made me light headed and short of breath and the bulge in front of the girdle grew bigger. I loved the pull of the stockings.

Next she pulled out a pink bra slipped it on me and fastened the hooks in back. It all felt so unreal and dream like. She than filled the cups with silky slips and scarves to make it look like I had breasts. Mom wasn't done yet though. She reached into her closet and out she came with a black pair of her high heel shoes.

She had me sit on the edge of her bed and slipped my feet into the shoes. They were tight but she got them on. She helped me stand up and showed me how to walk in them. It took a few minutes but I managed to keep from falling or twisting an ankle. She asked me again how I felt. I was so turned on I just stood there grinning like a fool.

Thinking things couldn't get any better, mom got a red silky dress out and pulled it over my head and adjusted my "breasts", the dress was a bit snug on me but I loved the feel of it.

We went into the living room and sat on the couch. Mom asked me if I wanted to be a girl or was I gay. I told her no, I like the tight feel of the under things and stockings but I don't want to be a girl.

Mom told me it was OK to enjoy women's clothes, and she had read about guys who liked to cross dress and were not wanting to always be dressed in female clothes. Mom helped me dress often over the next couple years. Now i'm married to a wonderful woman who loves to dress me up from time to time.

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