My Sister's Husband's Mom: Part 3

by Steve (Ohio)

I was now staying with my sister's mom in law on a semi-permanent basis, secretly we had fallen in love with each other despite the age gap and it was the sexiest time of my life. After our last sexual liaison she said many things and wanted me to be her secret girlfriend but when her son came to visit I was strictly a male visitor while he was with us. And when he left again she would take me by the hand and lead me to her bedroom and then transform me into her girlfriend again.

My hairless body and as I was not very muscular almost feminine shape and my long thick wavy hair made things easy, with my looks I looked very feminine enough to pass for a woman. She decided it was time to go out into the world with me fully dressed as her girlfriend so she booked a cabin near the lakes for a few days. She dressed me in my new lingerie a lovely pastel peach, voluminous silky panties, matching bra, lovely full silky soft slip, tan stockings and suspenders all matching.

I wore my new very soft chambray denim dress which opened up the front with pearl poppers and white high heels all topped of with a beautiful peach multi coloured pastel very soft scarf tied up in a turban and with full make up and lovely big femme sunglasses. She said you look so wonderful Isaid so do you as we dressed the same like mother and daughter then we kissed passionately. We had packed the evening before so we did not have much to sort out and of we went.

I drove her car as it was larger than mine we had a fair journey to travel, all the soft lingerie and the loveliness of being out in the world and femme gave me a huge erection tenting my lovely big knickers, Sandie lent across and did a few poppers so my dress was very open and freed the tent, my cock was like a tent pole she said my that is big this morning it must be the added excitement of being outside free from the confines of home.

Then she pulled my panties aside exposing my big cock and said I want to suck that beauty bent her head down and put it in her mouth slowly wanking me at the same time, wow it was heaven driving having your cock sucked, very erotic and there was no traffic about. As she was moaning and getting more carried away I saw a layby and it was empty so I pulled in as it was getting hard to concentrate, Sandie said it's no good I have to have that beautiful cock up me, climbed across undid the poppers on her dress lifted her slip pulled her big panties aside put her fingers up her then put them in my mouth.

See how wet you get me then sat astride my cock and sank down on it, she was pounding up and down as we kissed our stockings rubbing together, very sexy she shuddered and came then got off I want to drink your cum then dived back on it slurping and gobbling like crazy until I shot great spurts of cum in her mouth then she kissed me as we shared it. It took a few minutes to regain our composure then we set of again.

We were all settled in having a drink on the veranda a car pulled up outside another cabin 2 guys got out and waved Sandie waved back and they came across to us. Sandie new them it appeared introduced them and me and had a drink with us. They were there for a few days also they were both very nice, very smart and one was striking but a bit femme. Sandie said we will have to have a meal together and arranged it for the following evening, Sandie said she had known them for a few years and often saw them at the lakes and had grown into friends.

Sandie said they are gay and a bit bisexual but lovely you will like them, they came around the following evening Sandie dressed me, we were dressed in pastel blue lingerie lovely soft flouncy dresses and pretty silky scarves and white heels, my you girls look rather lovely one said . they were both elegantly dressed and the Daniel the striking guys slacks and shirt looked so expensive and he smelt divine, with his thick wavy fairly long hair he looked radiant with it.

When he sat next to me we were relaxing he crossed his legs I noticed he had no socks on but I saw the telltale shape of a Cuban heel stocking at his heel then looking at his soft white slacks a telltale bump of a suspender clasp. A soft Mmmmm escaped out of my mouth Sandie said are you ok I went a bit red then got up to get another drink for everyone, Sandie followed, she said I know that mmmm you have noticed he has stroking on I nodded , he loves to dress up when he is in his place.

I will tell him it quietly is ok with you if he wants to change. Sandie told him he sapped back to his cabin and shortly he came back i could hear his heels as he came back , it was dark now so nobody would have noticed him he looked stunning in a long floral soft feminine summer dress with a double split in it and fully made up hie lovely lips highlighted by his red lip stick he sat back down by me and patted my knee smiling at me.

After a few drinks we were all very relaxed. The chat was very relaxing and funny, but unfortunately my cock was rearing again in all this heady chat and soft lingerie I was wearing. Daniel turned to me and said Sandie told me about you and ran his hand up my stockinged leg to the welt, they feel fabulous don't they then slid his hand up until he reached my tented panties mmm he said pulled them aside and out sprang my cock everybody said mmm lovely cock as he took hold of it , I looked at Sandie she said go on enjoy it I sunk back as he started to wank me.

I slid my hand in between the slit in his dress he too had a raging erection trapped by his panties and my it felt huge I pulled his panties aside and slowly slid his cock out I had a job to get my hand around it as it sprang up, wow must be twelve inches I said I looked across at Sandie she said go on you know you want to. I pulled back his foreskin to reveal his lovely monster mushroom cock head dropped to my knees in front of him put his lovely glistening cock head to my lips and opened them as it slipped through mmmmmm it was wonderful.

The lovely musky scent of his big cock and the taste of his juices I was overcome as I started to suck his monster, it was a fabulous moment in my life so sexual dressed and looking completely as a woman should knelt with a huge cock in my mouth. Engaged in sucking his lovely cock I forgot about Sandie I looked across at her she had her head in the other guys lap with another truly fabulous great cock in her mouth bobbing up and down on it groaning, what a fabulous sight.

Sandie got up said lets go to bed we all went in and stripped down to are undies and stockings that led me on the bed with my head back over the bed as Daniel came to me flopped his great cock down to my lips , I opened my mouth as he fed it in further and further then he bent over and took me in his mouth sucking me his partner came and licked my butt as Daniel sucked my cock they had lifted my legs over my head and the other guy Toni put his huge cock head at my bud rubbed it around lubed it then slowly slipped the huge head in.

I thought it was a dream as his monster cock slipped through my sphincter and slowly he moved back and forth deeper and deeper as Daniels cock fucked in and out of my mouth. The noises I was making as I slurped and gobbled his great cock and his great cock fucking me. I said please can I bend over while you fuck me while I suck Daniels cock so we moved position and I put there cocks back in me then I took over bobbing up and down on his cock while I thrust backwards to meet his great cock, wow amazing as I came in great spurts and Daniels great cock came spurt after spurt and Tonis cock spurted like a flood up me.

I smiled with emotion such wonderful sex I have never thought possible, We stopped Sandie got on the bed and we all fucked her together till she could take no more. She said that was the most exciting sex she had ever had or witnessed we all kissed and caressed for a while then the others went back to their cabin. Sandie confessed she had arranged it so I could have real cock and taste others men's cum and said you can repeat that sometime if you want ooooooh yes please I cooed, Then we cuddled and fell asleep completely satiated in every way, I said I don't ever want this to end.

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