Boy-Girl For A Summer

by Tommy (OK)

It was summer and that morning Ron’s mother was sitting out on the back patio in the shade painting her toenails. Ron walked out in his t-shirt and shorts barefoot and sat down.

His mom smiled at him. She saw his bare feet and teasingly asked, “Do you want your toenails painted, too?”

Ron grinned back. “My toenails painted?”

“Sure. Why not? It might be fun?”

Ron shrugged. “Oh. Okay,” he said, figuring that no one would see him.

His mom dabbed away at his toenails and then, when she was finished, gave them an admiring look. “Very nice,” she appraised.

Ron regarded his painted nails somewhat quizzically. “I look like I have girl’s feet.”

“Well, your hair is getting long,” his mother commented, observing his blond hair with a somewhat critical look. ”Actually … you would make a cute looking girl.”

Ron smirked.

“If I combed your hair out and put some makeup on you … I think you would be a very cute looking girl.”

Ron didn’t know what to say exactly.

“Come on,” she said, getting up and urging him to do the same. She led him into the house and into her bedroom. Rom sat on the edge of the bed with her while his mother combed his hair and then applied some eye makeup and a little lipstick. When she had finished she held up a mirror. Ron was surprised to see this actually quite cute looking girl looking back at him.

“Geez …” he said.

“See? I told you,” his mom said happily.

“I … I don’t know …” Ron said, staring at his reflected image and not quite knowing what to think.

“Maybe you want to see what it’s like to be a girl,” she said.

“That sounds sort of gay,” Ron balked.

His mom gave him something of a mildly childing frown. “It’s not gay. It might be fun just to see what it’s like to play at being a girl.” She laughed and threw in, “I wouldn’t mind having a daughter as well as a son.”

Ron grinned modestly over the idea.

“You could just try it out for a day.”

“I … I guess,” Ron admitted, finding himself now intrigued by the idea of seeing what would be like to play at being a girl. He really did look quite passable, he had to admit, and already that was kind of fun.

For the next couple of hours Ron enjoyed his girl guise. It strange and intriguing to suddenly be a girl like that. He still felt like a boy, but at the same time, he found having a feminine side rather satisfying to experience.

He and his mom ate lunch together, with him being a girl, and that was great.

‘Maybe you should see what it’s like to go out that way,” his mom suggested lightly.

“You mean … go out in public like this?”

“No one would even know,” his mom assured confidently.

‘But what is someone I knew saw me?”

His mom gave a careless shrug. “I could introduce you as your cousin Ronnie.”

That seemed a simple enough solution.

“I … I suppose,” Ron admitted.

“We could go out shopping” She gave him an inquiring look. “We’ll have to get you some more feminine clothes.”

“I don’t know about wearing a dress,” Ron said.

“Oh, you don’t have to wear a dress. Just your jeans and a top, is all. You have a purple t-shirt, don’t you?”


“That’ll do. You’ll just look like your typical girl.”

Ron drew in a breath. “I guess that I could try it. But if someone recognizes me …”

“No one will. And even if someone would, we’ll just tell them that your practicing for a part in a play. They’ll just laugh about it and it won’t be a big deal.”

“Okay,” Ron said, liking this idea and feeling encouraged to try it out.

Pulling on a pair of faded jeans and his purple t-shirt, along with some flip-flops, Ron – now very much Ronnie, and his mom ventured out. He was amazed by how everyone just took him to be a girl. He was successful! For the next several hours he and his mom shopped around together.

“It is kind of nice having a niece,” his mom commented at one point.

“Yeah. It’s kind of neat being my female cousin,” Ron admitted. Already he was thinking of how neat it would really be to enjoy his girl guise that summer. It was a real blast having that sort of freedom and fun.

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