My Girlfriend Kathy, Mom and Dad and Me...

by WetInPantyhose (Clovis, Ca)

My girlfriend of 6 years Kathy and I were out of funds and needed a place to stay for awhile. You see my girlfriend loves me so much and does all she can to please me.

She works at a department store in the cosmetics area. She loves her job and gets free samples of all the best cosmetics. Revlon, Rimmel, all the best.

I'm 24, she's just 21. Her parents aren't so sure about me and took her car away. I guess they didn't approve. Anyways, once at her parents’ house, in the garage were several paperbacks with themes of intense incest.

Most were titles like: "Daddies Special Girl" and "A Father and his Loving Daughter" Kathy had a step father and wasn't getting any satisfaction from his wife.

I made sure "Daddy" gave her all the kind of extreme satisfaction she needed and wanted. Moving in with Mom and Dad was easy as they were gone in their RV most of the time.

Role playing and pretending was something we both enjoyed. As a youth I always had a thing for Mommy and especially wearing her intimates like her nylons (and panties) at first.

I often also found several paperback novels my parents had. Hot novels that made my cock hard. Most of them too were in a nature of inter family sexual activity.

One of my favorites was "Mother's Little Helper" And "Daddies Cheerleader". Kathy got off on these naughty novels as did I.

She mentioned "those hot books" in the bathroom.

I said: "Yeah, they are really good -aren't they"?

"Yes, they make my panties all wet,they remind me of my Daddy."

Kathy, I have an idea, why don't I pretend to be your "Daddy", and you can pretend to be my "Mommy" OK, she agreed.

Where do we start. "Alright, you be my Mommy and tell me how naughty I've been. Hand me those pantyhose over there and let's both put them on".

"Sounds kinky," Kathy squealed in excitement.

"Mommy, I asked Kathy- help me with my nylons please." Of course baby, put the lotion on Mommy and I'll put some on you too.


"Is mommy’s baby’s twiddle baby pee pee getting all hard"?

"Oh Mommy, our pantyhose are so smooth and silky, don’t they look so pretty and feel nice?"

"Yes, very pretty and so silky smooth too."

Then she brought out her cosmetics and applied her's then mine.

"This will make you so very pretty like Mommy" she told me as I read from one of the filthy novels I had gathered. Then her Daddy diddled her young pussy like before with his little finger.

"OHH, DADDY....Let Mommy finger your pretty pussy through the sheer pantyhose."

"YES, MOMMY, please, please......." Kathy pretended to be my Mommy and fingered my "pussy".

"Mother, it's time".....your pussy is nice and wet, Daddy's gonna put his cock in my baby girls cunnie."

Our lips touched tenderly and we both tasted the delicious lip gloss.

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