Mother In Law Helps While My Wife is Away: Pt 1

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

Susan and I met during college and quickly fell in love. She being very much like me at 5’ 7” and 165lbs, along with her love of volleyball and swimming. We both enjoyed the games that were arranged on campus between the various houses and sororities. I think we both enjoyed our swimming the most as it allowed us both to wear the least amount of clothing while still being presentable in public. We both used to laugh at just how small her suits could be since she broke tradition and wore a bikini instead of the more traditional one piece suits. As for me I Susan made sure I wore the smallest of the available speedos she could find for me.

While my parents were not all that keen on family time; Susan’s were more like best friends to the two of us. Especially to me it seemed whenever I would come home with her to visit. While they weren’t nudist neither of them were shy about moving around their house in the underwear … even in front of the two of us. At first it was embarrassing for me to see her father’s large cock being sort of hid behind his thin jockey shorts. And her mother’s bras were quite small for the size of her breasts and … well her panties left nothing to the imagination … especially her camel toe that was always present!

Things were more alike when the four of us would enjoy their in-ground swimming pool. Of course both Susan and her mother wore bikinis and her father and I both wore our speedos. Sadly his were always quite full holding in his very large cock at 11 inches while mine was just covering more common white man cock of 5 inches. But no one ever seemed to make any comments about my less than prestige cock while her mother was always touching and commenting on his stellar manhood!

One thing that was kind of unique about Susan was she was part of the Army’s ROTC Program on campus. As such her college was covered by the Army but upon graduation she was shipped off to her Basic Officer’s Training and then her Advanced Officer’s School which for her was in Southern California. As my parents lived in a smaller trailer Susan’s enjoyed a large house supported through her father’s position as Vice President of the All American Savings and Loan in Boston.

Susan had a four month leave after she graduated before she had to go off to her Basic and Advanced Training and then during her first assignment. We quickly got married in her parent’s backyard and moved into her bedroom. Because she had many more clothes than I did Susan made room for my clothing in just two of her dresser drawers and at one end of her closet. And since we were so much the same size we shared many clothing items to include tee-shirts and running shorts.

I think this kind of drove her mother a little crazy seeing us exchanging clothing which made it kind of crazy for her during the laundry duties. Of course Susan had her panties and I had my men’s shorts but she got to where all of our other clothes ended up in the same drawers. Susan was also quite instructive telling me to go down on her eating her pussy out. She really got off on my working pussy over as rough and hard as I could.

Susan’s had cautioned me about playing with her dirty panties …which I enjoyed smelling one pair while I wore another pair and jerked off in them he shared that her mother was surprised to see Susan’s crusty pussy juices in many pairs of her panties and my dried cum stains in her panties but moved on with her treating those with some Spray N Wash prior to washing them. So it was now surprise to her mother how active our sex live was.

Things seemed to go well for me even after Susan left for her Army training. I of course continued living in her old bedroom and of course I would swap between her shirts and mine alone with her shorts and mine. But one thing I couldn’t stop doing was jerking off in her panties. I tried to hide them under the bed but soon I saw that her mother had even found my stash and was washing them and placing them back in the dresser drawer along with all the other clean clothes. So I assume she had adjusted to my sexual routine with Susan being gone and allowed me to take care of business in her absence.

Within the first month Susan was gone I came down with one hell of the flu. I was sent to bed which had their family doctor stopping by to check up on me. He of course prescribed various pills to treat my flu but also prescribed a shot I was to take once a day … at least that is what her mother had told me. She had also spoken to me the very first week of my sickness about me jerking off in Susan’s panties and suggested it might be easier for me just to stop wearing my shorts and began wearing her panties all the time. That way if I felt the desire to play with myself her panties would already be in place for me to cum in. It kind of seemed like a good idea so I went along with her suggestion.

Shocking to me though was her suggestion that since Susan wasn’t there to … well pre-stink up her panties she said hers were available if I so desired! She was also quite kind to me offering to help me with sponge baths which did seem to be easier than getting out of bed and climbing into the shower down the hallway. At least I was allowed out of bed for my bowel movements while a urinal was used most of the time while I was still in bed. Since everyone had seen my smaller cock it didn’t seem like that big of deal for her to hold the urinal while I emptied my bladder into it.

Since I was quite sick and as such I went along with all of her help including the sponge baths. At first it seemed strange having her pulling my panties off to clean my cock and butthole but the clean ones she slipped back on me always felt so good. She was also nice as I began to feel a little better and soon started having wet dreams at night as I missed Susan so badly. She never really said anything about my cum soaked panties when she bathed me or anything about having to soak and wash them even though Susan was no longer at home.

Sadly Susan was killed during one of her Remote Deployment Training Sessions which was devastating not only to her parents but also to me. But my flu sickness was beginning to clear up but she said the doctor wanted me to continue the shots to help build my ongoing immunity against any future colds or flu attacks. She shared that if it was ok with me she would continue with my sponge baths since it was just as easy to quickly clean me up as it would have been for me showering. I became quite well as my shots continued.

Although I did feel quite comfortable living there my privacy wasn’t as good as I could have wished for. Susan’s mother continued doing my laundry along with their and had me eating all my meals with them. Her father was able to acquire a bookkeeping job for me at his bank which worked well with my Business Degree.

Three months after Susan’s death I began to notice that my chest was not as tight as it used to be. In fact it appeared as if I was beginning to grow breasts. If that wasn’t bad enough I also began to notice that my cock which used to be 5 inches hard was now only about 4 inches once hard. And when soft it was even more noticeable! Mother even commented when she came into my room with clothes she had just dried and folded.

“Bob please don’t be upset with me but I couldn’t help but noticed that your cock is much smaller this morning. Yes I was looking as I have become quite acquainted with him helping you pee during the worse part of your sickness. Is it too cold in here for you son?”

“I don’t think the room temperature has anything to do with the size of my cock mother. In fact I have notice it seems to be smaller lately … well you know when I am masturbating … well there is less to hold on to … you know stroke. Do you think me being sick did something to it?”

“I don’t know Bob but if you would like I will check him out for you. It’s time for your shot anyways so you might as well just drop your panties and take care of both now. Well I know what he used to look like when I when taking hold of him and placing inside your urinal. But now I can see … well before you got hard he was much small like you said dear. I’ll speak to the doctor and ask him if there could be any correlation between the flu you had so badly and your cock getting smaller.”

“Mother while you’re here … well sorry to ask but could you also take a look at my chest. Call me crazy but it appears to me that I am beginning to grow breasts. Just look … see you can even feel how they are pushing out.”

“Well Bob your right … my my … yes as I am rubbing my hands over … well your new breasts I can feel you are beginning to change somewhat. You know I just read an article in Ladies Home Journal about all the hormones that are being used in our food development now and how they are causing girls to get their periods at a much earlier age and … well causing men to … well to become more female like. I’m sorry if the foods I cook here might be having an impact on your body. But if you don’t mind me saying Bob … well I think you are even cuter with your new little breasts. I could just eat you up dear!”

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