by Daniel Nicks (London)

I used to work in a post room in Crutched Friars in London. I was young and looked like a girl. I had longish auburn hair and petite features with a pouty mouth. My arse was pert and I wore tight trousers which showed off the curves of my bum.

I enjoyed the attentions of the dirty men in the work place, it's amazing how alot of straight men gave me the impression they'd happily pull down my trousers & pants and eagerly clean my arse crack with their tongue. I pouted my lips and walked with a dainty jaunt in my step.

There was one man who's eye I really caught, Nobby the manager. He was tall, wiry, balding, specs and told me dirty jokes making me so horny I'd go to the toilets to wank my cock until ropes of jizz shot out all over the walls where I'd leave it.

One day he sat me down and asked if I had a girlfriend or boyfriend, neither I confirmed, he smiled and asked me out for a drink that night.

"I'll think about it" I said walking away, feeling his eyes on my bottom.

Later I decided to accept, he was delighted, we left work together that evening to the wolf whistles of the dirty men in the office, one guy called shine who was a geeky looking nerd hurried out of the room to wank!

At the pub Nobby sat close to me asking me questions about my sex life, I remained coy and asked him why he was interested, "because you're gorgeous and I'd love for you to use my face as a seat for your beautiful arse, I can't stop looking at you"

He was practically drawling! I laughed and he leant forward and kissed me deeply, his tongue exploring my mouth, needless to say he took me to his flat playing with my arse all the way and feeling my balls and cock. It was a big turn on for me, I love dirty old men so it was a pleasure.

At his place he started taking off all my clothes, I begged him to fuck me hard and called him daddy, he put me over his knee and spanked my bum before looking down at it and groaning, "my god you're bum is like a peach"

He then stood up, picking me up and carried me upstairs where he kicked open his bedroom door and threw me onto his bed, he then removed his own clothes, stepping out of his trousers and pants his massive dong swung free, he had a beautiful, thick, uncut veiny cock, I swallowed hard and moaned when I saw him nude, his body was wiry with muscle and lean.

He had wild, thick pubic hair around his dong. We started kissing and I played with his long cock and heavy nuts, he whimpered and said he wanted to marry me, i suckled on his purple head and gradually took more in, his groans turned to a howl as he fucked my pretty face.

Eventually he came and came and I tried to swallow it all, he then picked me up and began to suck MY cock, cradled in his strong arms it was paradise being sucked and held aloft, unsurprisingly my balls erupted and I spurted my creamy young cum all down his throat.

We met many more times where he gets me to dress up in sexy lingerie and he since shaved the hair from around his cock and his arse hole, one of favorite pastimes is licking his arse crack at work which de stresses him, the Cumming he does astounds me. I suckle at his bum hole as well and he cries and whimpers.

He wants to marry me and I really feel I could.

We'll have to see!!

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