Begging For Mommy's Attention

by Mama's Boy

Mommy started out training me to be her little sissy lover about the time she caught me in her bedroom going through her intimate lingerie. You know, her damp satin panties full of her vaginal secretions.

My sis (half sis) was 6 years older. Her lingerie, (panties ,pantyhose, slips, high heels were far more sexy and smooth. I found out soon after my Daddy (not related to sissy) was carefully seducing her.

She adored her Daddy. Daddy was generous and frequently bought her expensive lingerie, high heels, and smooth shimmering pantyhose among just a few. She was "eighteen" now and it was her birthday. Daddy even bought her a fire engine red 1965 Mustang.

This was the 1960's and skirts were short, sex was free and nylons were very popular indeed. Mom usually wore stockings but sissy liked "Sheer Energy" pantyhose. Mom and sissy were always in a hurry to go out and walked around the wooden floors of the house clicking in their high heels.

It was common to see sissy and Mommy in nothing but nylons high heels, a slip and panties. Sissy was cognizant Daddies attention to her and flaunted her teenage lusciousness as Daddy watched her swish around, her thighs rubbing together creating a swooshing sound.

Mom turned a blind eye to the "special relationship" sissy and Daddy had together. You see Sissy was a "Daddies girl" she adored her Daddy and would shower him with kisses all the time. Mom often would reciprocate with kisses too calling me her sweet baby and how adorable and cute I was.

Mommy as she liked to be called,loved to kiss and hug and cuddle often. She allowed me to watch her apply makeup and also watch as she slipped on her nylons clipping then to her garter belt. I was allowed to zip her dress too. Sometimes she asked me what what she should wear. I told Mommy she had such pretty long legs that she should wear her skirts above the knee like all the younger women.

I also told her she should wear sheer to the waist pantyhose because it looked nicer and a lot smoother. My sissy and Mom wore about the same size in high heels and nylons and most everything too.

"Mom, I told her, wear Sissy's 4 inch high heels today, she won't mind and they will make your legs look longer and prettier too"!

"Help Mommy slip them on Mommy's feet sweetheart"

I jumped at the chance and like the proverbial princess, they fit perfectly. Mommy strutted around in the high heels admiring herself.

"Mommy, they are so beautiful"!

"Yes,they are aren't they"

Mommy was pleased with herself and applied lip gloss to her pouty lips and kissed me before she left for work. Sissy and Daddy had already left and I had the day off. Mommy's nightgown, yesterdays panties (nicely moist) were calling to me.

Some of Mom's amphetamines were in the medicine cabinet and I took 4 of them. In about a hour I was really high and feeling horny. I looked on Mom's computer and being curious, I figured out her password (It was her birthday) The bookmarks were mostly about the topic of how to teach your son how to become a willing participate in giving their Mom affection and how to coax and eventually have their son has a completely passionate incestuous partner.

MY penis sprung erect as I read on. "it is a good idea to leave about the room one's sexy and wet satin panties and nylons" Boy's are curious and often will wrap the nylons and sniff your panties if they find them"

At that, I fished a hot pink pair of 100% silk panties (good and soaked) out of the hamper. They were wet and smelled wonderful. I thought, "is this what my Mom's pussy smells like"? I found a really nice pair of pantyhose too and carefully slid them up my legs. The sensation was thrilling! I never realized how smooth and silky something could feel on my legs.

My cock was hard, I had to be careful not to shoot my cum on Mom's panties and nylons. I read on in Mom's computer. Mom was taking selfies of her in her lingerie! She was acting all hot and sexy.

The stories were so perverted...they gave instructions and clues on how you should offer little hints and show lots of leg and soon your boy would be yours too do with as you please.

The amphetamines mom had were affecting me. I was giddy and horny. My cock erect I laid back thinking....Does Mom want me to pleasure her. The lewd stories obviously led me to believe so. I laid back in the silky pantyhose sniffing my Mom's damp panties. "OH FUCK MOM..." How I'd love to eat your cunt I was really high on the pills, my dick hard. I always had the hots for my Mom...But incest?

Later that night Dad was tucking in my sissy in the usual manner. I was wearing Mom's nylons and enjoying her wet panties in my bed when Mom came in to kiss me goodnight. This time when we kissed our tongues touched.

"Mom, we shouldn't do this, it's so naughty". Mom pulled back the covers revealing the pantyhose and panties I took from her room.

"Well, well, this is a little naughty too"!

"Mom, I-I know I shouldn't have taken your nylons and panties but....Are you mad at me"?

"No, look nice in Mommies things...Oh my your little thingy is all hard...Let Mommy take care of that."

Mom got in bed with me. In the distance I could hear my sissy and Dad having sex.

"Your sissy and Dad are busy, we have time."


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