'Caught' In Moms Bedroom: Chapter 16

by Brenda Gova (Lisbon Maine, USA)

Chapter 16: The ‘End’ Game

Amelia then told me (and Brenda) to go into her room and pick out some dresses for this special trip to town. Brenda picked out a nice black ‘Pencil’ dress (it was so tight that he had a hard time walking) and I found a really nice ‘Mini-skirt’ (might as well ‘show some leg’) with a ‘Frilly’ white blouse (you could see my bra through it).

When we came out Amelia was on the phone with my mother ‘……. you’ll meet us there. Great, this will be fun today. Bye-bye. Amelia looked at me and smiled ‘good choice Patty’ and then Brenda ‘Ummm, you’re going to have a hard time keeping up son. That dress is way too tight, you’ll have to take ‘mincing’ steps to keep up’.

But mom it’s one of your dresses I’ve liked for a long time, and it’s not the first time I’ve had it on, see (he took several steps to show how well he could walk). Amelia was impressed, his hips swayed just enough to show his ‘girly’ figure, and although he had to take twice as many steps he could keep up. OK son, then she looked at the ‘bodice’ saying in a low voice (more to herself than to us) ‘should be enough room’.

Out the door we went, down the street, and before we knew it we were at ‘Lisa’s Lingerie’ boutique. There was my mother waiting for us. She gave me a big hug and whispered in my ear ‘Oh son, your new boobs are wonderful, you are my daughter’. In the store I overheard my mother and Amelia talking ‘…….and I called Sandy to find out where she got that bra and she said ‘Lisa’s’ but you have to ask for it by name. It’s a ‘………’. By now we were standing at the bra counter and I was preoccupied with all the different sizes, styles and colors (I loved ‘Bra’s’, the most ‘Girly’ thing I could ever wear).

But when I looked at mom and Amelia they were with a salesgirl, they talked for a bit then the salesgirl walked off. Returning in a moment the salesgirl had several items in her hand (which I couldn’t see) and handed them to Amelia. Then Amelia ‘squealed’ I like this one, and she held it out (it was a huge shelf bra) to examine it. Brenda, come here dear, I’ve found something for you. Go try this on son I want to see if it fits properly. Brenda tried to object saying ‘it’s way too big Mom’, but Amelia wouldn’t hear of it and commanded (with a finger pointing to the dressing room) ‘GO’.

While Brenda was in the dressing room, I had to ask Mom and Amelia what was special about that bra. Mom answered it’s called a ‘Boi-to-Gurl’ bra and it’s just like yours, it’ll make his ‘boobies’ grow. ‘Oh WOW’ is all I could say ‘he’s going to be surprised when he ends up looking like me’ (Giggle). Amelia and I have been talking for some time and we decided he’s going to be you’re ‘older sister’ from now on dear (I couldn’t stop smiling when she told me that).

About that time Brenda emerged from the dressing room wearing his new bra. Ma, it fits OK but I feel funny and my tit’s itch. I just stood there smiling like an idiot smiling. That’s OK son, that’s normal, the itching will stop soon (looking at her watch she said to herself in about 45 minutes). I walked over to Brenda and gave her a big kiss and said in a soft voice ‘I love you dear’.

We continued shopping and I bought a girdle (my ass was getting bigger to offset the weight of my boobs) and I helped Brenda buy some new dresses (all the while he was getting bigger tits). He didn’t even know it until I told him to look at his shoes (by this time he couldn’t see them). Oh wow, he exclaimed, his hands went automatically to his ‘rack’ to lift them up. Wow, their almost as big as yours Patty! Just wait till tonight dear (I couldn’t wait to ‘milk’ him).

You’ll have to imagine what happened the rest of the day and evening. Now close your eyes, put a smile on your face, and have sweet dreams Honey.


Well now, that was over 55 years ago and is a true story, except for the parts where explicate sex is mentioned or the magic bra (Oh I wanted one of those) that’s all my fantasy. So for some time now I’ve been ‘talking’ to a ‘She Male’ (like I am, I’ve got 38C) and we finally we got together. Arriving at her apartment we ‘kissed’ hello and she showed me where to change. When I came out as a ‘Little Girl’ (about 8th grade) and curtsied for her she laughed and giggled. She had also changed into her ‘Mommy’ house dress calling me over for a loving ‘Hug’. We talked for a while, kissed for a while, and ‘Petted’ for a long time, that lasted till I put my hand under her dress and found his tool.

Breathing hard now she placed my head in her lap and whispered ‘do you smell it dear, it’s ready for you’. I pushed her skirt up and actually saw it, it was huge (just like in my dreams). When my lips closed around it she lifted her skirt over my head (it seemed it was just me and her ‘tool’ all alone). I gave her my ‘First Blow Job’ and she rewarded me by shooting a load of ‘Baby Juice’ in my mouth. Now I know what I’ve been missing all these long years (Oh it was ‘sticky sweet’ and so good). So I’m no longer a ‘Virgin’ (I’m just a ‘used bitch’, Thank You Christine!).

So now that I’m ‘used’ send me an ‘E’ mail and if you’re in Maine maybe we can get together. I’d love to give another (giggle).

You could be my ‘second’,

Brenda Gova

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