Mom's Best Intentions

by Mama's Boy (Clovis, Ca, USA)

Poor mom. Her well intended ideas of being my tutor and showing her son the "errors of his ways" was her intent. She obviously was concerned about my curious nature. I had not been dating anyone and she wondered why I spent so much time in my room on the computer. Mom frequented my special stash of porno including some bookmarked "MILF".

"Mom's I'd Like To Fuck" Along with detailed stories of "Mother's Boy's" She was rummaging through my collection of personally purchased lingerie and even my high heels. Being very tall I couldn't very well wear Mom's things. I after a long and expensive search was able to get a post office box and order item of intimate lingerie and high heels in sizes difficult to find.

My tastes were decidedly on the slutty side. Short skirts and very high heels, mostly silks and satin types of panties and all lacy and very racy. Expensive tights and pantyhose all very shiny and sheer to the waist. All were safely lock away in my closet away from my Mom's curious eyes.

One day however I noticed Mom was wearing a pair of pantyhose uncharacteristic of her usual leg ware. They looked very familiar.They were a pair of my $40.00 Wolford's neon 40 tights! I had left them out because I had planned on wearing them and my Mom found them and had put them on! She also was wearing a pair of patent leather high heel pumps exactly like a pair I had! I was puzzled.

Why had she suddenly started wearing my nylons and copying the wearing of 6 inch red high heel pumps.Her skirt was far shorter than anything I had seen my Mom wear before and Mom never wore shoes with heels that high before. She had obviously somehow discovered my collection of lingerie, shoes among various other bits of incriminating and now openly known to her.

I rushed to my room to discover the lock removed to my large chest of unmentionables. Taking inventory several pairs of nylons,panties and assorted lingerie had been removed. Mom was wearing my best nylons and the high heels were hers but it was a attempt to let me know she too could wear types of articles that were sexy and alluring. She walked quite well in her towering 6 inch stilettos,clicking along as she went about the kitchen. The silk skirt Mom was wearing was at least 4 inches above her knees, her linen blouse allowing ample cleavage and quite revealing.

She went about making coffee and offered me some. I nodded and she asked me "How much sugar"? "Cream"? again nodding she sat down and looked at me as she sipped her sweet concoction leaving a trace of her pink lipstick on her cup. Crossing and uncrossing her legs I couldn't help but see Mom was wearing a pair of my lace panties! Her legs made a hissing sound as the nylons she borrowed from me were speaking volumes of innuendos.

I sipped the coffee slightly nervously as Mom continued to wear me down,her body language showing just how far she might go to execute her now flagrant but well planned use of my own things to use as a opening to of my weakness for these interesting intimate items now offering her legs and even the panties and those high heels she wore to say:"Two can play that game."

"Why didn't you just tell your Mom you liked these types of sexy things"? My hands trembled as I pretended to act nonchalant. Mom wanted a direct answer.

Well, she waited as I tried to come to terms with her discovery of my eyes on Mom's lusciously long legs, her high keels making her butt stick out, her legs more sexy.

"I love these nylons and these heels-aren't they just adorable dear?"

"Y-yes Mom-they are very nice indeed."

My panties were tented and moisture was felt in them as Mom knew the nylons,panties and high heels were having the effect she wanted on her son's growing affection for her lusciousness,her nipples pointed she was not going to be denied.

"More coffee honey?" Mom offered me something hot and sweet-not just hot coffee with extra sugar.

My defenses were weakening, Mom was on the prowl for my erect cock in my panties. Her hand brushed against my poking member=I was shocked to see how my own Mom was having such fun teasing me. She stood up from the kitchen table,smoothing out her nylons she slowly walked across the floor, one leg in front of the other...Mom slowly sat down on the sofa, crossing her legs she patted the sofa wanting me to join her.

I tried to hide my erection from her but she was more determined than ever now. Her hand blatantly rubbed my erection eliciting a electric jolt of pulsation to my hardening erection in my panties. Undoing my belt Mom saw my excitement and the wet erection in the panties. "Silky panties son" Mom was using my panties to masturbate me with. Her hand brought my hand to her panties as I not surprised that she was quite wet and getting frisky. Her hand was rubbing my cock and I was getting hotter as Mom asked me to

"Please touch Mommies pussy son."

I rubbed her silky panties finally sliding my index finger around the skimpy panties I often wore and felt her wetness-my Mom's slick and wet vaginal opening. I was brazenly diddling my own Mom's clit as my finger delved deeper into her soaking sex. My cock was at it's longest as Mom was positioning herself to better receive her son's shaft in earnest.

My pants were off and my Mom's wiggling on my lap was now grinding against her son's penis. Her intention's were quite clear and my cock needed a wet opening to find itself in. My Mother's willing pussy-She grasped my cock leading it directly to her slick opening-it easily sunk fully inside my Mother's needful cunt.

"Yeah, fuck Mommy son, fuck mommy's pussy good"

I didn't need any more encouragement as I had now my cock in Mom's heavenly cocoon of incestuous confinement. I knew exactly how wicked and how totally twisted this behavior was but I couldn't possible stop now. Mom was spewing forth a language specifically to make me even more willing to meet her in a uninhibited path of all out incestuous depravity.

So very exciting and so forbidden. That was precisely what made it so enjoyable-knowingly engaging full well how hot this perverted lust for my Mom's craving sucking pussy was and how it was my cock in my Mom's wondrous pussy that was driving us on.

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