Dressing Up For All In The Family

by KIm Cummings (Clovis, Ca USA)

Throughout the decades our family shared similar interests. Fetishes for smooth sheer nylon, silks ,satins, high heels, lingerie. You name it we tryed it. It didn't matter if it was for women, the men loved the feel of smooth sensuous materials on their shaven legs and especially on their hard cocks!

Encouragement from Mom was on her list of feminizing the men in the family. Soon all were looking smoking hot in luxurious lingerie and makeup. The men took turns caressing each other smooth pantyhose clad legs and then of course rubbing each other's cocks together making a sensuous swishing sound.

Pre-cum emminated from the tips of the incestuous men's cock's. Soon each horny tongue was busy. Mom's pussy of course was soaked. I took it upon myself to rub my own Mom's clit. She swooned as I poked my long pretty French nails through her pantyhose gusset and slid 2 fingers in Mom.

Soon she reached for her son's cock and led it where it rightfully belonged. Fucking Mom got to be a regular habit. Wearing feminine attire got the entire family wet and hard. Mom made us go shopping with her to places like Victoria's Secret and other lingerie shops and some adult book stores.

The women usually caught on early that we were into kink and more. (if you know what I mean). Mom picked out some racy nylons and pretty panties and brought them into the dressing room. She would slip on some nylons then demand that we do so too. Soon we were in a incestuous tryst. Sucking my cock it was hard I soon had Mom where I wanted her. Begging to be eaten.....My cock hard I was soon fucking Mom nice and slow. She loved it immensely.

I Wore Mommy's Undies And Loved It!
By KIm Cummings (Clovis, Ca USA)

Mommy was such a slut, walking around the house half naked most of the time. Even leaving the windows open for all to see. The long legged Louise flaunted her lusciously lovely legs....6 Ft 3 inches, and 6 Ft 8 Inches in her 5 inch high heels she towered over most men making them feel inferior.

Her dresses were very short indeed. Usually silk or satin,sometimes velvet. She loved the feel of smooth material draped over her legs. Her pantyhose shimmered on her long legs.

Myself tall, I was almost exactly Mom's size in dresses nylons and even her high heels fit perfect. I coveted Mom. She was so sexy and I wanted to be just like her. One day I got my chance. Mom was out at the salon and shopping so I sneaked into her bedroom.

Mom was divorced after Dad got caught wearing her attire and having sex with the boy next door. No charges were filed but the damage was done. I got my fetish from my Daddy. He said woman's clothes were much smoother and felt nice on his cock. I had to agree.

Dad bought me my first pair of nylons and we put them on together. "See how nice they feel on your legs?" Dad just showed me how to shave my legs. We donned the pantyhose and soon I found myself caressing my cock. Dad too got hot and hard and soon we were in a "69". I couldn't wait to have Daddy fuck my nice tight ass.

I KNEW it would feel so good. Daddy said for me to take his "man cunt" first. Dad sucked me through my nylons and soon I was in Daddies anus! It felt nice and tight! Daddy was in obvious delight as Mommy came in and said "What the Fuck are you two doing?" She smiled and coyly stated, "I want some of this hot sissy cock this instant."

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