Incest Taboo Stories That Will Make You Cum Harder

Incest taboo stories that will make you cum harder. Here are quick teasers, “Ohhhh, Ohh my god. Ricky, ohh god you’re so big. Ohh you shouldn’t be putting your cock in me… I said “Daddy, I want to feel it inside me.” He sat up and said “No Baby, you’re too small and it will hurt you… “Oh God Mom,” Tommy moaned as his mother took his penis into her mouth…

Finding my Courage (Taboo Stories)
After I finished school, I accepted a job in another state. I was doing well and visited home as much as I could. I was noticing that my mom was looking...

My Mom Catches me Cumming in her Panties (Taboo Stories)
So my mom and I never have really talked about sex or anything revolving sex or masterbation. So it was a Friday and I just got home. And I was really...

Me and my Sister Taking Care of Each Other (Taboo Stories)
58 years old and I'm single. Far back as I can remember me and my sister always took care of each other and as we got older nothing changed just the best...

Sex with my Son-in-Law (Taboo Stories)
Back a few years ago I heard my daughter and son in law was having problems in their marriage and I was hoping I was not the cause of their problems...Part 1Part 2

My Beautiful Hot Latina Sister (Taboo Stories)
I was staying at my sister's apartment watching tv while she took a nap when all of a sudden, I was startled by my sister's phone ringing...

My Cousin and I (Taboo Stories)
So, all of this happened a few years ago. I attended a birthday party for one of my family members and as I walked into the house, I noticed the prettiest...

I am my Stepdads Free Use Slut (Taboo Stories)
I'm 18 athletic build 28dd tits, one day after school i was laying out sunbathing in my sexy bikini my mom was out of town for work so it was just me and...

Drunk Cousins (Taboo Stories)
One night me and my female cousin were taking shots and I had always been attracted to her but I’ve never done anything about it. We were both 18 years...

Me And My Slutty Daughter (Taboo Stories)
My name is Byron and I have a daughter named Destiny who I haven’t been living with because I left her mother. I hadn’t seen Destiny for a while, but we...

My New Cabin (Taboo Stories) 
I had just inherited a cabin from a relative who had died and i decided to go and check it out and see what was there one weekend so i drove out to...

My Stepson and His Friend (Taboo Stories)
I was married to a wonderful man who had a good son he was 18 and school was out. I'm 30 great body firm 30 d tits. His dad had gone a business trip...

A Cousins Tale of Becoming a Slut (Taboo Stories)
I'm 20yrs old and i have a sexy body nice 32c tits and nice ass, i was raised on a farm and my dad arranged for me to go and visit my first cousin in the...Pt 1, Pt 2

I am my Uncle's Slut (Taboo Stories)
Shortly after i turned 18 my uncle asked me to come over to his house for a visit so i went over it was a warm day and i wore a pair of shorts and a top...

I was Adopted into a Black Family (Taboo Stories)
I was 17 when i was adopted into an interracial family, i had a white mom, a black dad and brother and we had a good relationship, though my new mom...

My Daughter My Lover (Taboo Stories)
On my oldest daughter's 18th birthday she asks me to take her out partying with friends. I took her to a bar about 50 miles from home...Chapter 1Chapter 2

Made Mom my Wife (Taboo Stories)
My mom and I were married now. She was 42 yrs old whereas I was 23. One night after the marriage I and my mom were lying stark naked on the double bed...

My New Family (Taboo Stories)
I met my new parents while i was in the orphanage, i was 17 and about to turn 18. all three of us took an instant liking to each other and after all the...

Mom and Son Marry for Progeny (Taboo Stories)
Hi! I am Jack aged 28 yrs who married his Mom after making her pregnant to beget a progeny. I am living with my Mom (my wife now after marriage) who is...

My Step Brother Fucked me (Taboo Stories)
I just flew in from college to stay with my parents for the school break, i was staying with my dad, step mum and step brother. I hadn’t seen them...

Helen and her Dad (Taboo Stories)
My wife was thin with a good set of breasts and was aged 30 years and had her pussy lips shaved and we were practicing nudists. I had a 8 inch cock...

Son and Mom have Anal Sex During Pregnancy Period (Taboo Stories)
In my previous story I had told how I married my own Mom and made her pregnant with my child. We were a married couple now and was going to start a family...

Consummation of Mom-Son Marriage (Taboo Stories)
I opened the door to enter the room where my Mom was waiting for me to do the duties of a husband on their wedding night. We both mom and son had been...

My Cousin is a Slut (Taboo Stories)
Me and my sexy red headed cousin was at the house alone she walked into the living room wearing a skimpy bikini she was 6.0 green eyes pretty lips...

Family Orgies (Taboo Stories)
My name is Phil and is married to my wife, Ammie, and we have 2 kids Sally who is 20 and a son Billy who is 18. My wife is thin with a flat stomach...Part 1Part 2Part 3, Part 4

Incestuous Marriage of Brother & Sister (Taboo Stories)
Hi! I am Ronnie aged 26yrs. I was living in a rented house in the city where I was working. This is a true story where I married my elder sister aged 34...

Auntie Liza (Taboo Stories)
Liza is a distant auntie by relationship now visiting us on a weekend. She is a bit chubby for her age in late 30s with broad ass cheeks and 36C boobs...

I’m my Cousins Sex Slave (Taboo Stories)
I’m Sarah 18, brunette 5'5 great body and nice ass 32c tits. i live near my cousin Dave and he s always been an athletic guy and he's a year older...

My Dad and Me (Taboo Stories)   
It all started when my mom died of cancer, i was 18, now i'm 21, i am about 5'7 kinda athletic build with 32c tits nice ass blonde hair and blue eyes...Pt 1, Pt 2

Life Pleasures (Taboo Stories)
Old people want to have sex like anyone else, I’m seventy three and I still think about sex a lot and the smartest thing I ever did was...

I am my Black Stepbrothers Slut (Taboo Stories)
After my mom remarried a black man and we all moved in under the same roof, i had already meet his son and thought how handsome he was but never gave anything...Pt 1, Pt 2

Blindfolded Daughter (Taboo Stories)
My name is David Ross and I'm 42 years old with an 18 year old daughter. I'm divorced men. My ex left me for her boss so it's been me and my daughter...

Brotherly Love: Part 1 (Taboo Stories)
I reached up and rubbed his big bulge! I liked it so I squeezed it and it swelled larger and harder! He said, “So, you like that do you? How would...

My Brother Says Follow me (Taboo Stories)
Entering the room he tells me to shut and lock the door. Doing as he says now he tells me to take off my clothes and he does the same. His cock is fully...

Daddy's Baby Makers (Taboo Stories)
Daddy and I started fucking when I turned 18. It was the best feeling in my life, yes the first time we fucked it hurt like hell because I lost my cherry...

Submit to Sister (Taboo Stories)
We were both in our early twenties at home together for the day. We were playing games and were 'accidently' at first touching reach other...

I am my Son Sex Slave (Taboo Stories)
I was home with my son he is 19 for the summer, my husband works a lot out of town due to his job. I’ve been a bit lonely and i get horny as well...

Morning Shower (Taboo Stories)
Sara looked from her bed as Jason showered watching him deep in thought about the fucking he had just given her. Like always it was magnificent...

David and Sue's Free Spirit (Taboo Stories)
My name is David and I was her only son, and 23 years old with a 55 year old natural birth mother Sue. I am blond blue eyed, tall skinny 135 pounds...

Naughty Mum (Taboo Stories)
One night late I was alone in the house with my 60 yr old mother, I was 18 I walked past her bedroom to the toilet as I walked back I heard her say...

Sister, Brother Room Mates (Taboo Stories)
My Brother and I grew up close. We are only 18 months apart in age. As teenagers our bedrooms were in the basement with a shared full restroom and a walkout...

Drunken Brother gets it All (Taboo Stories)
Mom and dad were gone for a couple days, so my brother and I were left alone, he was a ladies man. He and his best friend were out crushing for chicks...

Son Marries Mother after She Gets Pregnant with His Baby (Taboo Stories)
I was spread totally nude before my son Ron. Thick pussy juice oozed from my clean shaven pussy soaking my asshole. My son Ron was standing fully naked...

Drunk Aunt (Taboo Stories)
When I was around 24 my mother’s sister came to our house to visit, she was a widow and had been for some years, she looked like my mother but younger...

A Special Bond (Taboo Stories)
As the two continued to fuck they both knew it was meant to be, mother and son, a match made in sexual heaven Glen and his mom have been fucking for...

Loving It (Taboo Stories)
“Ohhh … it feels good to be fucked,” Cindy said as she laid on the bed with her legs apart, and her son was on his knees between them with his hard...

Mom and Sons Decisions (Taboo Stories)
Cody and his mom were standing naked in the kitchen having coffee early that morning. “Mmm … this is nice,” Janet said, savoring the pleasant moment...

Family Time (Taboo Stories)
When I was 19 and 20, I was very curvaceous with round perky tits with beautifully shaped nipples that loved to be chewed on and squeezed...

Mom's Mistake, Mom's Belly (Taboo Stories)
“Oh, God! Don’t come in me!” Carol cried out. But it was already too late as she lay there feeling her son’s erection ejaculating fully in her vagina...

My Wife and Her Dad (Taboo Stories)
Amazingly, my wife's dad, who we had nude sun bathed within his garden, after we tragically lost mom through cancer, had the most incredible erection...

Mom's Tease (Taboo Stories)
It felt good to Jerry to be naked like that with his mom in the kitchen that morning. There was nothing like being naked with someone to communicate feelings...

I Love my Step Dad (Taboo Stories)
My mom now aged 38 remarried her bf, Don(40 yo). At age 18 with lots of dream about bf, I found him very handsome. He too liked me and used to cuddle me...

Don't Tell Your Father (Taboo Stories)
“Oh! Sorry, mom!” Toby said as he opened the bathroom door and saw his mom standing there naked. “I didn’t know that you were in the bathroom...

The Happy Mom, The Happy Son (Taboo Stories)
Ronnie was fucking his mom that morning. She as leaning over the bed and he was standing behind her, sliding his short thick boner in and out of her wet...

Mom's New Love (Taboo Stories)
“My new condo, and the start of a new life,” Dana said in a very pleased way. Josh had come over to his mom’s new place. It was just six months after...

Stolen Naked Moments (Taboo Stories)
“It’s a good thing that your father isn’t here,” Sandra laughed as she leaned forward with her hands on the metal railing of the bed, letting her son have...

Son Surprised Mom (Taboo Stories)
I'm 24 and I went to mom's house for a week stay. We went around her community and looked at the sights. After her divorce 8 years ago she was...

Leon and His Mom (Taboo-Stories)
“Mom!” Leon said with surprise, smiling over the fact that his mom was naked. Darla smiled back somewhat modestly over being caught that way...

The Mom and Son Moment (Taboo Stories)
Glenda smiled modestly over her son seeing her naked that morning in her room. “Oh,” she said, realizing that her door was open enough for him to see...

The Adia Mom (Taboo Stories)
Adia was surprised. In fact, she was shocked. It wasn’t like she had been snooping. She was over at her mom’s house to water the plants while her mom...

The Loving Sister (Taboo Stories)
“Carlie!” Danny said, surprised to see his sister naked in the living room. “What?” she questioned innocently. “Well, mom and dad aren’t home...

Mom and Son Wonderful Moments (Taboo Stories)
Josh was standing there naked, while his mom sat naked on the edge of the bed, leaning forward, sucking his penis. Josh had to smile...

Mom Marries Me After She Conceives (Taboo Stories)
I am Ravi aged 26yrs.My Mom Rita aged 42yrs.We only Mom and son stay in our own home. She is a widow. One night I came home late at night...

Bad Dad (Taboo Stories)
I'm grown now my life has been hard. I'm 30 divorced. It all started when I was younger. My mom worked night shift at the hospital so I was with...

Son Marries Mother (Taboo Stories)
I never thought I would treat my mother Indira as a woman until the day she made me realise I am man of the house...

My Drunk Mom (Sue Mom and Me) (Taboo Stories)
I walked Sue into Mom's room. Both their eyes widened. Sue was taking in Mom's naked body, and Mom obviously approved of Sue's nearly naked one...

My Drunk Mom (Sue) (Taboo Stories)
I did call Sue, just as Mom asked that day. I wasn't sure how to broach the subject though, so I invited her to the drive in that night...

My Drunk Mom (The Next Day) (Taboo Stories)
I woke up the next morning from a very realistic dream. I could almost feel it; I was getting an amazing blowjob. Opening my eyes, I saw it wasn't a dream...

My Drunk Mom (Taboo Stories)
After the divorce, Mom took comfort in drinking. And she drank a lot too. Every weekend it was the same thing for me. Mom would come home drunk...

The Daddy Daughter (Taboo Stories)
“Oh, daddy … fuck me,” Krystal begged with a daughter’s passion. Ken grinned at the sight of his naked daughter on the bed, her legs apart...

With All the Love and Lust I Had to Offer (Taboo Stories)
I was 18 years old and had a secret crush since I hit puberty, that crush was on my own mother, she was a beautiful sexy 40 year old woman who left me...

The Impulsive Mom, The Impulsive Son (Taboo Stories)
“Hi, mom,” Scott said with a smile. He had stopped by his mom’s house that afternoon and had let himself in through the backdoor as he usually did...Continue reading

Aunty is Now my Wife After She Got Pregnant (Taboo Stories)
Sheela, my wife is actually my aunty whom I had to marry after she got pregnant with my child. She was a divorced woman. But she was very beautiful...Continue reading

Gerald and Gran (Taboo Stories)
When Gerald went in, his grandmother was in the living room running the vacuum cleaner around. She was naked and just wearing a pair of...Continue reading

Mom Gets The Best (Taboo Stories)      
“Would it bother you if I was ever with another women?” Cynthia asked. The question was unexpected. Chris was surprised, but not shocked by it...Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3

The Loving Mother, The Loving Son (Taboo Stories)
It was a bright and sunny afternoon when Darren went over to his mom’s house. “I’m glad you could stop by,” she said. “Me, too.” He sat down...Continue reading

The Mom Fulfillment (Taboo Stories)
Derrick was fucking his dick into his mom’s big hairy twat. It was such an audacious thing for a son to do with his mom, and he loved it and so did...Continue reading

My Wonderful Granny (Taboo Stories)
I have always thought that my 68 yo granny was attractive and I have sexual thoughts about her. She now lives alone in her little condo. I used to stay...Continue reading

Family Submission (Taboo Stories)
Several years after my wife Jennifer and I had made our family and were both well to do financially we got the news that my sister’s husband passed away...Part 1, Part 2

The Pregnant Mom (Taboo Stories)
Cara was standing naked in the kitchen, getting herself coffee that morning. That she was now six months pregnant was clearly showing...Continue reading

The Loving Son (Taboo Stories)
“I can’t believe that I’m doing this with my own son,” Deb said as she lay naked beneath him, with her legs spread apart, feeling his stiff penis penetrating...Continue reading

Mothering Moments (Taboo Stories)
Jim came into the kitchen where his mom was having her morning cup of coffee, sitting at the table in jeans and a t-shirt and barefoot...Continue reading

The Loving Mother (Taboo Stories)
“I know that we shouldn’t be doing this,” Beverly said as she was taking off her dress as her son lay on the bed watching. “Why not, mom? We both enjoy...Continue reading

Daddy Dearest (Taboo Stories)
“Oh, daddy …” CeCe said, feeling her father’s thick stiff penis filling her vagina. “It feels so good to be doing this with you, honey,” Stan told her...Continue reading

My Mother's Gardener (Taboo Stories)
When we lived down in South Texas my mother had an exceptionally large garden. My dad told her to hire someone to help, who could come by once or twice...Continue reading

Milk, Bread and Mom (Taboo Stories)
I had just graduated high school and was working at a place about 5 minutes from home. My Mom has called and asked that I bring home milk and bread...Continue reading

Her Son's Huge Penis (Taboo Stories)
Jerry Sherrill, 41, and his wife Jennifer, 39, had two sons, Nicholas, who was born April 19, 1996, and Marcus, who was born June 16, 1998. Mrs. Sherrill...Continue reading

Cousin (Taboo Stories)
I was about 18 and on summer vacation in Europe. We vacationed every year. Like any other summer, we visited the village, went swimming in the ocean...Continue reading

I Fucked My Step Daughter (Taboo Stories)
I had just gotten home from a long day work, I was tired and headed straight to my room, as I walked by stepdaughter`s room her door was open and I noticed...Continue reading

One Armed Bandit (Taboo Stories)
For the sake of people who may be offended, let’s say that the events of this story happened when I was 18. I had taken a fall down the basement stairs...Continue reading

What a Summer (Taboo Stories)
We had been on summer vacation for a couple weeks. I was 18 and spending a lot of my time on the internet watching porn while my mother was at work...Continue reading

The Sound of Silence (Taboo Stories)
"Mmmmmmmmmmm! I like"............................. "Aahhhhh, yes!"............................................. "God! thats feels soooo GOOD!"...Continue reading

My Grandmother (Taboo Stories)
It’s quite a tale, I shorten it a bit, I’m hyper sexual live at home, I’m 18. My mom caught me masturbating watching webcams. I love big tits, she did...Continue reading

Wife's Brother Helps her out (Taboo Stories)
We had been married for three years and we now have a baby girl. My wife decided that she was going to breastfeed her from the beginning...Continue reading

The Mom Surprise (Taboo Stories)
Eric walked in through the backdoor of his mom’s house and into the kitchen, where she was standing naked having a mug of coffee. “Oh!” Eric said, surprised...Continue reading

The Vacation Mom (Taboo Stories)
Oh, God! I thought. My son was actually fucking me! I could scarcely believe that I was really doing this with him, as I lay there on the bed, feeling...Continue reading

The Mom and Son Bond (Taboo Stories)
“Mmm …” she murmured as she felt her son’s stiff penis slide into her receptively wet vagina. “Oooo … that feels so good.” She looked at him and smiled...Continue reading

The Mom and Son Fun (Taboo Stories)
Kayla and Jon were both smiling and laughing as they were naked together on her bed that afternoon. It was so much fun to fuck and be doing that as mother...Continue reading

A Mom's Needs (Taboo Stories)
“Uhhh … honey …” Brittney moan as her son took care of her needs between her legs, with is erect penis moving in and out of her vagina. “Mmm … it feels...Continue reading

Sex with my Mom (Taboo Stories)
Hey this is nil.19-year-old guy. This story isn't fake like others. I going to share my real story how I fucked my mom nilima. My mom nilima is 38-year-old...Continue reading

Liam and his Mom Jeri (Taboo Stories)
In the last year since his parents had divorced, Liam and his mom started to enjoy becoming more relaxed and comfortable with each other. His mom had no...Continue reading

Near Miss (Taboo Stories)
When I was 18 my Dad worked the night shift. MY Mom and I got in the habit of watching TV in her bed till she would fall asleep or I would go to my bed...Continue reading

Mom, Son and Her Best Friend (Taboo Stories)
Darleen had stopped by her best friend’s house that afternoon. It was summer and the back door was open and unlocked. She had knocked, but not getting...Continue reading

The Last Dance (Taboo Stories)
Some time ago when I was just 18, our neighborhood had a well used community hall, it had a terrific bar, pool room, tv room, and reasonably sized dance...Continue reading

The Hot Mom And Son Affair (Taboo Stories)
It felt good being naked with his mom. Cliff was standing there as his mom sat on the edge of the bed sucking on his dick. He was nineteen and they had...Continue reading

Mom And Son Love (Taboo Stories)
Gareth was boning his mom. His erect penis moving easily in her vagina as he lay on top of her. It felt so satisfying to be naked together like this...Continue reading

Mom And Son Summer Fun (Taboo Stories)
Marci was sitting out nude on the back patio, enjoying the early morning sunshine. The patio was private enough that she could do that, and she loved it...Continue reading

Mum And Me (Taboo Stories)
Mum had divorced my dad two years earlier. One day I was passing her bedroom the door was slightly ajar, i could see that mum was cupping her breasts...Continue reading

Exploring With Mom (Taboo Stories)
With this quarantine mom and I have gotten closer to each other. Mom and I have been lovers for many years before this virus but now we are trying new...Continue reading

A Mom's Reluctant Beginning (Taboo Stories)
One afternoon when my mom and were out, we got caught in a very heavy rain storm. By the time we got home we were both completely soaked...Continue reading

Doing It (Taboo Stories)
Lila laid there feeling his son’s stiff penis sink smoothly into her wet vagina. She felt guilty doing this with her son, but at the same time enjoyed...Continue reading

Gwen And Zach (Taboo Stories)
“Oh … oh, mom …” Zach breathed as he fucked his mother, his erection thrusting into her wet vagina. “Oh, yes!” Gwen said, lying naked beneath her son...Continue reading

Mom In The Afternoon (Taboo Stories)
“So I like being naked around the house. Is that a crime?” Joan said to her son when he had stopped by that afternoon, and she wearing a robe which...Continue reading

"Since I'm naked," Mom said (Taboo Stories)
“Oh!” Warren said as he went past his mom’s room and the door was open and he saw that she was naked. She looked a little surprised, too. She smiled...Continue reading

My Neice (Taboo Stories)
This is a true story but I will not go into every detail in case she ever reads it. My brother had divorced his wife and I hadn't seen my niece for probably...Continue reading

Those Special Moments (Taboo Stories)
Cynthia enjoyed the sinful delight of feeling her son’s stiff penis in her vagina, as she lay on the bed with him on top of her, his hips moving chemically...Continue reading

The One (Taboo Stories)
Rhonda was all hot and sweaty after gym class. She walked over to her locker, undressed, grabbed a towel, shampoo and soap then stepped into the shower...Part 1, Part 2

Jenna (Taboo Stories)
Jenna just turned 18 when I first fucked her. I was living with my girlfriend for about a year and it took every ounce of energy to keep my cock in...Continue reading

I Made My Step Sister A Nympho (Taboo Stories)
It was the most incredible most extremely feeling of fucking a girl that I wish I could do again. To feel such extremely sensational sexual feelings was...Continue reading

My Sister (Taboo Stories)
Right I’m going to get straight to the point.... My sister who is married to her husband for 20 years and has three children.... I never seen my...Continue reading

A Little Mom And Son Affair (Taboo Stories)
“Why don’t you and dad just get divorced?” Ron asked his mother. The two of them were in the bedroom, sitting on the edge of the bed, getting naked...Continue reading

Mom And Son Summer Vacation (Taboo Stories)
It was such a luxury to be lying there naked, with her son on top of her, feeling his stiff penis sliding smoothly in and out of her wet vagina...Continue reading

The Foursome (Taboo Stories)
My sister came for a visit from college she brought a friend with her he was her math tutor. Mom and I had hoped Lisa would come alone we were both...Continue reading

First Bisexual Experience Leads To Incest (Taboo Stories)
Hi I'm Jay!! When i was 18 i had my friend josh over ...He was bisexual...i had been curious...women always says women lick pussy better than a man...Continue reading

Threesome With Mom (Taboo Stories)
On a drunken hot sunny Sunday afternoon, I stepped out of the pool to take a piss. It was all I could do to walk, let alone to try and stand to piss...Part 1

Converting Mom Into Cunty The Submissive Fuck Doll (Taboo Stories)
This is a true story, which is still in progress. My name is Danny and I'm an 18 year old high school drop out, who lives with my 49 year old divorced...Part 1, Part 2

Mom Makes It Better (Incest Taboo Stories)
I am 18 and my sister is 20. I got my sister angry at me, instead of hitting me or throwing something at me she kicked me full force in the groin...Continue reading

My Landlady - My Mom (Incest Taboo Stories)
I like older women,the mature stuff and willing, you know? It was during the early 1980s, I was in England for higher studies and lodged with this...Continue reading

Loving Mom And Son (Incest Taboo Stories)
“Oh … you shouldn’t really be doing this with your mother,” Cassie said as she lay there on the bed, feeling her son’s stiff penis in her vagina...Continue reading

Brother And Sister Love (Incest Taboo Stories)
“Oh!” Ken said, surprised to see his sister standing there naked when she answered the door. Carla merely grinned. “Hi,” she greeted cheerfully...Continue reading

Mom And Son On Vacation (Incest Taboo Stories)
I was surprised. There was my mom standing there head to toe naked in front of me. She just smiled and laughed. “Well,” she excused, “we’re on vacation...Continue reading

Ben And Jerry (Incest Taboo Stories)
Jerry was leaning forward, letting his cousin butt fuck him. His cousin was several years older, and although he was not gay by any means, he apparently...Continue reading

Call Me "Daddy" (Taboo Stories)
My name is Carissa M. and I'm a white woman with long straight brown hair and brown eyes. I'm not very tall and my hips are a little curvy but I'm not...Continue reading

The Best of Male Friends (Taboo Stories)
“Mmm … yeah,” Brad breathed as he lay there savoring the sensation of Greg’s stiff, lubricated male organ sliding smoothly back and forth through his butt...Continue reading

Elle (Taboo Stories)
My wife’s granddaughter was a great kid although not my blood she was like a daughter to me. As kids get older they grow out of visiting but Elle never...Continue reading

Perversion Or Fetish (Incest Taboo Stories)   
Since the age of being able to reason or associate they have dominated my thoughts and actions and as far as I know, no one knows about the effect it has...Continue reading

My Adopted Mom & I (Incest Taboo Stories)    
In 1984 when I was 18 years old, my adopted parents got a divorce and I was living with my adopted mom and siblings. My adopted mom was 38 years old...Continue reading

It's Just Growing Up (Incest Taboo Stories)   
From The age of 10, I started becoming aware of my mothers, sisters, and aunts physical properties and differences and gradually became extremely intimate...Continue reading

Just Being Naked (Incest Taboo Stories)   
“Oh! Sorry mom! I didn’t know that you were in the bathroom!” Jim said with surprise as he opened the door and saw his mother standing in front of him...Continue reading

White Pussy Black Cock (Taboo Stories)   
I am a white woman aged 36yrs I have recently returned from the US after a long vacation. While in the US I stayed at a rented flat in Ohio...Continue reading

Mom Is Huge (Incest Taboo Stories)   
I was sexual at birth, my first memories are sexual. I looked at my first female teachers and wondered what it looked like between her legs. I constantly...Continue reading

20 Babies For My Daughter (Incest Taboo Stories)
My daughter Sarah was going to turn 19 in 9 months on September 20, it was 2 weeks after her last period she came into my home office and said "Daddy...Continue reading

Mom, Meth And My First Taste Of Pussy Covered In Cum (Incest Taboo Stories)   
When I was 18, I would act sick to stay home from school alone all day and jerk off. My mom had a regular job as a waitress and frequently used meth to...Continue reading

Pegging Sister (Incest Taboo Stories)   
My sister had me come over to her house to fix a problem. The problem turned out to be she had been on the internet and decided she wanted to fuck me in...Continue reading

My Mother In Law (Incest Taboo Stories)   
My name is ROBERT, I am in my late thirties, married to a very sexy and charming lady, my story started during my first week of marriage. After the...Continue reading  

Keeping My Family Happy (Incest Taboo Stories)   
I am 25 years old male, not married, living with my parents, my two daughters and one brother, I forgot to tell you my name, they call me ANTONY, my uncle...Continue reading 

Mom Takes A Ride (Incest Taboo Stories)
“Ohhhh, Ohh my god. Ricky, ohh god you’re so big. Ohh you shouldn’t be putting your cock in me, I’m you mother.” Terri’s fall was stopped by Rick’s legs. She was firmly impaled by the hard cock. “Unhh,” she grunted. Rick immediately lifted her a little and dropped her again on his shaft. Burying it to her womb. Then again, and again…Continue reading

Horny (Lusting Mom & Aunt) (Incest Taboo Stories)
She looked up at Kevin with a lusty look, and said, “Hi Kevin, would you do me like you did your mother?” Kevin felt his cock grow as he walked towards the couch, his eyes never leaving his aunts hairy pussy. “Suck me like you did your mother yesterday…Continue reading

My Stepmother The Whore (Incest Taboo Stories)
I came up behind my bitchy stepmother. My prick was solid as an iron bar and made a noticeable lump in my pants. “Can’t we just kiss or something and make up?” I asked. Arlene gasped as my hands snaked under her armpits and cupped her full, soft breasts…Continue reading

Little Princess (Incest Taboo Stories)
As I lowered my head to Daddies sheet covered penis Daddy said “our secret” and I immediately said “forever” I plopped Smiggles down and as I settled my head down I could see Daddies hands. It looked like he was pulling the sheet down just a little further. He must have because as I settled my cheek down onto his penis…(Link Removed)

Sister Sucks Sleeping Sibling (Incest Taboo Stories)
Suddenly I knew: this was the source of my morning mystery. Jill was coming into my room at night and playing with my prick while I slept! She must have thought I was blacked out tonight as well! Before I could think any further, she lowered her head to my groin and popped my soft dick into her warm, moist mouth…Continue reading

Loving My Pappa (Incest Taboo)
He sighed and moaned as I slowly moved my hand up and down his throbbing, uncut cock. Then I said “Papa, I want to feel it inside me.” He sat up and said “No Baby, you’re too small and it will hurt you. I don’t think you’re ready for that yet.” Not to be denied, I told him that I’d been using my hairbrush for several years…Continue reading

A Mother And Her Son (Incest Taboo Stories)
“Oh God Mom,” Tommy moaned as his mother took his penis into her mouth and began to suck. His hips began to move back and forth, forcing his penis to the back of her throat. He watched as her face showed the pleasure she was getting from sucking him. Tommy was rapidly reaching the point of no return. “Mom,” he hissed...Continue reading

Sister Lends A Hand (Incest Taboo-Stories)
Her eyes were totally focused on my cock. She had tightened her grip more and increased her stroking pace significantly; exactly as I had done. Up and down! Up and down! Her fingers slapped noisily against my body as she reached the base of my shaft on her downward strokes. She rubbed up higher across the head now…Continue reading

Mom Fulfills Son’s Desires (Incest Taboo Stories)
“Okay, baby, do what you like to do to Mommy’s butt.” Tim stood frozen. He was in shock, unable to act. “Come on, honey, slide your cock into your favorite spot. Or don’t you want to slip your cock between my ass cheeks?” With a little cry, he lurched forward and laid his rigid hard-on against her the same as he had been…Continue reading

Emily Helps Her Little Brother (Incest Taboo)
“Ok, I’m going to stroke it for you to show how to do it and then you will do it. It will come naturally once you get the hang of it,” said Emily in more gentle tone. She reached over and wrapped her hands around his small cock and gave it a couple of small, short strokes while tracing the tip of her finger at the opening…Continue reading

Sister’s Home Movies (Incest Taboo Stories)
“Wider, Sis,” I told her, as her moist pussy lips came into full view. Her thighs were wide open and my cock was throbbing as I knelt between my sister’s legs and zoomed in on her succulent pussy. I’d seen lots of close-up pictures of pussies, but the real thing, with tufts of blonde hair surrounding the glistening folds of her pussy lips…Continue reading

My Mother Introduces Me To Sex (Incest Taboo)
“Oh my, you are making me so wet sweetie, I didn’t think I’d ever be like this anymore. Do you like this view?” she spreads open her beautiful pussy, showing me everything. She really was wet. One of her fingers started to tickle her clitoris, the other dug inside of her. She was smiling at me and breathing loudly…(Link Removed)

Best Present Ever: Bitch Sister (Incest Taboo Stories)
“Oh yes,” I said, “Your words say one thing, but your slut cunt says another. I bet if I touch your cunt right now it will be wet, probably drenched thoroughly, maybe even leaking a bit. So baby sis, what will I find?” “Matthew,” she pleaded, knowing her pussy would betray her, “Please don’t.” “Really, baby sis? I think you want me…Continue reading

Mom’s Motivational Techniques (Incest Taboo)
I knew I was horny, but I was surprised at how hot and wet my pussy was. Playing with my pussy felt really good and having Jeff watch me was an added bonus. I raised my knees and spread my legs, making sure my son could see everything I did. With two fingers I pulled my lips apart and showed him the bright pinkness…Continue reading

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