Mom And Son Summer Vacation

by Janice (WI)

It was such a luxury to be lying there naked, with her son on top of her, feeling his stiff penis sliding smoothly in and out of her wet vagina.

Barb savored the pleasure.

It was summer and they had decided to go on vacation together and had rented a small beach bungalow. Their first day had been wonderful, just getting away from it all, and enjoying the ocean and the beach.

Their just going around in swimsuits had definitely made their togetherness seem quite uninhibited. It was on the third morning, however, when in the limited confines of the small bungalow had made their seeing each other naked just a rather unavoidable occurrence.

Not that Bard had particularly minded, finding it fun to be naked in front of her son, and Brad certainly didn’t mind seeing her like that, or letting her see him the same way. Although his embarrassing response of an erection might have been an issue, although Barb had found that to be quite enticing.

So it seemed only natural that they enjoy the chance to be uninhibited and cast aside caution. Very quickly they had found themselves making love and enthralled by just how exciting and special this could be between mother and son.

Brad continued to slowly fuck his mom’s vagina, with the soft, wet thwuck, thwuck, thwuck sounds of his penis moving in and out her blending with their gentle breathing.

“Oh … honey… this feels so good,” she said. “I never dreamed that I would be doing this with my own son.”

“I never dreamed that I would be doing this with my own mom,” Brad confessed as well.

He found it very exciting and pleasing to be using his penis like this with his mother. He was surprised that it wasn’t awkward or embarrassing, but that it felt quite natural and compelling to be making love to the one woman in the world that he should not be doing this with.

His parents had divorced when he was twelve, and growing up he and his mom had always been close, yet there had never even been a hint of anything sexual between the two of them. His mom was simply his mom, and for Barb it was the same, and her son had simply been her son.

Then coming here on vacation together, to be sharing such limited quarters and to be enjoying lack of inhibition that being barefoot and the nakedness of swimsuits allowed, just pleasantly presented them with an appealing closeness. The warm feelings of affection only introduced the teasing temptation of their being more intimate.

Their shared nakedness had been only too inviting to the enticement of ignoring constraints of what would have been more proper under ordinary circumstances, allowing for the provoking attractiveness of sexual appeal.

Barb was thankful to not have discovered such temptations as some mothers might and did, finding herself having sex with her twelve year old son, feeling his all too stiff and excited little penis wetting in her wanton vagina.

And in this Brad was thankful too, although there could be no doubt that he would have found it incredibly exciting to fuck with his mother at such a young age as any boy would. But then that would have introduced him to sex at too young of an age and he would have grown up perhaps not appreciating it, nor certainly this moment now at twenty-four.

Brad moved his hard penis purposefully within his mom’s sexual depths, enraptured to feel her smooth wet vagina caressing his male organ again and again, making it stiffer than ever, with the head large and swollen and overly sensitive as it plunged inward.

Barb lay there repeated feeling her son’s stiffness moving deep within her, gliding smoothly through her lubricated lips, exciting her sexual appetite as she felt her clitoris swollen and begging for release. In another moment she was climaxing. She gasped and closed her eyes and her orgasm was only increased as she felt her son deep within her female organ.

“Ohhhhhh ….” She moaned and choked.

Brad felt the excitement of his mom’s orgasm taking place and this excited him, too.

“Ahhhhhh!!!” Barb vocalized unashamedly and helplessly. She had not had sex for some time, and she had not been fucked like this for even much longer. She had almost forgotten just how good and necessary it was to be fucked so thoroughly.

At last she let out the breath she had been holding and slumped back down onto the bed.

Brad continued to fuck his mom, his now rigid penis pumping into her until at least he could not hold back.

“Uhhh!” he grunted as he ejaculated.

The semen pulsed from his penis and he found himself filling his mom’s female organ with his sperm, and experiencing just how satisfying this was to be doing tis in his mom’s vagina. As he did he was unsure if he should be ejaculating in her, perhaps risking getting her pregnant with his seed.

Although she had said nothing about his not doing that, so he figured that it was all right. He hoped that it was, because now it was too late. Still, there was a natural exciting desire to the thought of impregnating his own mom with his sperm. Brad felt his strength leaving him as his penis finished pulsing, and he all but collapsed upon his naked mom.

They laid there like that together, catching their breathy, recovering. When they were finally able they both opened their eyes and smiled at one another somewhat sheepishly over having just fulfilled their more lustful desires, and yet, at the same time, feeling the satisfaction of communicating their love physically.

“Ohhh … that was so wonderful,” she praised, looking at him tenderly.

“It felt so good, mom,” Brad said, never having imagined that he would telling his own mom that after ejaculating in her vagina. Just a little worried he then questioned, “I … I hope that it was alright that I came in you.”

His mother smirked playfully. “Why? Are you afraid that you might get me pregnant?” she teased.

“Well … I wasn’t sure,” he confessed.

“It’s all right,” she assured with an amused tone to her voice. “I guess it had better be … considering what you just did in me.” She laughed. “That was the best part … feeling you coming in me.”

“Oh,” Brad said, relieved.

“It was wonderful. I love having your sperm in me,” she said and she raised her head and gave him a small and grateful kiss on the lips.

Brad smiled back. “It was wonderful putting my sperm into you,” he said.

Brad’s now softening penis slipped wetly from his mom’s overly wet vagina and he climbed off and they laid there naked together, savoring their new found openness as well as closeness.

They had another week and a half on their vacation, and they could both easily imagine what this would entail. Even that already the thought that they would no doubt continue this when they got back home was a pleasing one.

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