A Mom's Reluctant Beginning

by Bradley (NJ)

One afternoon when my mom and were out, we got caught in a very heavy rain storm. By the time we got home we were both completely soaked.

We went in through the backdoor and into the laundry room where we started taking off our sodden wet clothes and suddenly before we even realized, we were both naked. We both sort of grinned a little modestly.

My mom reached for some freshly laundered dish towels that were lying folding right there and gave one to me and took one for herself. It was enough to dry our faces and mop up our hair.

When we had done that we smiled at one another, and my mom gave me a naked hug. As we stood there and held each other, I started to get an erection. I know that my mom could feel it pushing up against her.

I felt her reach down to take a hold of my erection and fondle its stiff length. When she did that, I started to feel her bare breasts. Then she went back to holding me, wither arms up around behind my neck.

I reached down and took a hold of my erection and pushed into the hairy folds between her legs. She spread her legs a little and I pushed my penis into her vagina and started to fuck her.

My mom murmured a little and held on to me while I did this. It felt so good. Then I ejaculated in her.

When it was over we drew apart and my mom whipped down her wet hair some more, and said how we should go and get dressed.

Later in the kitchen, when we were dressed, we had some coffee. My mom didn’t say anything about what we had done, and I mentioned how I thought that had been nice. She was very straightforward about it and just said how that was what people did when they were naked, and that was all she said.

I kind of felt a little bad about having done that with my mom, thinking that she hadn’t liked it, even that maybe I had sort of raped her.

It was two days later in the morning after we had both just gotten up, my mom was in her robe and barefoot like she usually was, and I was in a t-shirt and boxers. She looked at me and smiled. She surprised me and asked if I wanted to do it again. I awkwardly said, sure.

So we went into her bedroom and she slipped off her robe, revealing that she was naked beneath. I took off my t-shirt and boxers and we laid on the bed and made out a little bit. Then I got on top of her and slide my erection into her vagina and we started fucking.

This time my mom was a lot more responsive, she moaned and held me and moved her hips with mine. Then she gasped and had a very intense orgasm. I fucked her until I ejaculated in her again.

When it was over we did a few small affectionate kisses on the lips, and my mom said how we really shouldn’t make a habit out of doing this. I told her that I had thought it was nice, and she said how mothers and sons really shouldn’t have sex.

She said how she didn’t want to become dependent on me and make me feel obligated to take care of her needs. I told her that I didn’t feel obligated and that I enjoyed doing that with her.

I guess that my mom thought about this, because after that we started having sex two or three times a month and it was wonderful, and now this has been going on for the last three years.

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