Family Orgies: Part 1

by Phil Jessup (Gatton, qld, Australia)

My name is Phil and is married to my wife, Ammie, and we have 2 kids Sally who is 20 and a son Billy who is 18. My wife is thin with a flat stomach and very thin backside and hips as she spent 3 nights a week at the gym.

She had her tits lifted 5 years ago and they are 36dd and juicy nipples. Our daughter has the same build as my wife but she is a bit taller at 6 foot where my wife is 5ft 8inches tall.

I am 45 and Ammie is 43 and we are nudists including our kids and I an 6 ft tall and thin and when erected my cock is just on 9 inches long and 3in thick. Our son has same build as mine but his cock is close to 10in when erected that we have seen when he is masturbating.

Ammie and me have always encouraged nakedness and open masturbating between us all and we live on 200 hundred acres five km out front from town so privacy is great. We have a four bedroom home with an in ground pool out back for us to swim naked in. Ammie and me make love at least twice a day and sometimes we will masturbate as well.

I work for a computer company making all sizes of cameras large and small and Ammie is a nurse at a private hospital and our son and daughter are still at school and uni. On our son’s 18 birthdays we had a party in town and once we were back home and naked we found out that because of the size of his cock he was still a virgin.

Anyway on our son's birthday we had found out that he was still a virgin and my wife asked me is she could offer herself to him to loose his virginity and I said I didn't have a problem with that.

That night after we all had gone to bed my wife slipped out of bed and went to our son's bed and I gave her 15 minutes head start and went to our son's bedroom and as I looked in Ammie was on her back and Billy was between her legs eating her out. I seen Annie's nipples were rock hard and she was moaning she was cumming.

As she started to squirt Billy drank her sperm and once they finished Billy lay on his back and Ammie sat onto him with his throbbing erection in front of her vagina. Billy sat up and licked and sucked Ammie's nipples and she then raised herself up and slowly lowered down onto his throbbing erection. She slowly built up speed for over five minutes before Billy grabbed her hips and unleashed his sperm deep into her wet vagina for over a minute.

They the cuddled up together and talked as I went back to be and masturbated to what I had just seen and blew my load all over my chest and stomach and went to sleep.

The next morning I woke up and Ammie wasn't next to me and I went and found her in Billy’s bed on all four with him reaming her doggie style till she squirted again and I went and started cooking breakfast they came out fifteen minutes later and Ammie told me she had fifteen massive orgasms last night and this morning and Billy had dropped 8 loads into his mom.

Our daughter came out and we all had breakfast together and I went and done some farm work then dinner and bed and sleep. I went to work next day and my wife had a day off work and Billy had no class at school so they were home and Sally had exams at uni.

I had pictures hanging in all rooms bar the toilet with tiny cameras in them and at lunch time I checked what Ammie and Billy were up to. Ammie was bent over the kitchen table with Billy standing behind her and reaming his massive erection into her snatch she had 3 more orgasms and Billy filling her snatch with his sperm.

End of part 1

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