Mom and Son Marry for Progeny

by Jack Smith (London, England)

Hi! I am Jack aged 28 yrs who married his Mom after making her pregnant to beget a progeny. I am living with my Mom (my wife now after marriage) who is 42yrs. We both are married now after my father left her for another woman. Now we are expecting our first child.

My Mom Julie is very beautiful with a figure of 42-30-40.Though Mom had given birth to two children her figure was very good. Her breasts were round and firm like those of a young woman. When the servants went away in the night only Mom and I were left in the house. This loneliness was the cause of both coming close.2One evening after dinner only Mom and I were left in the house. We were sitting in the living room talking.

My Mom Julie was sitting beside me on the sofa.

She asked me if I had a girlfriend.

"No" I said.

Mom said" Let's say I am your girlfriend.

"Right" I answered.

Without hesitation Julie my Mom kissed me on my lips and slowly parted them with her tongue. She slipped her tongue quickly inside my mouth and licked my tongue. My body tingled all over. "Now what will you do "Mom asked. "I'd probably feel her up" I replied shyly. "Show me" Mom replied.

Suddenly my son's hands were feeling my 42DD giant sized breasts as his tongue flicked inside my mouth.

Without thinking Mom's hands stabbed into son's crotch and began rubbing his hard young cock. To my surprise Jack's cock was bigger and thicker than his father's cock.

I quickly began pulling up my shirt until I uncovered my bare breasts kneading them and squeezing them frantically to arouse myself and my son for having sexual intercourse with me. Jack licked my nipples and squeezed my breasts like a lover. As a child he had touched these breasts and sucked them to quench his hunger. Now he was touching and sucking the same breasts to quench his sexual hunger.

"FUCK ME JACK"FUCK MOM. Enter the same vagina from which you came out!"

"Oh Mom" my strong son moaned as he lay on my back his hands all over my massive globes.

My body was on fire as my son took control and quickly lulled down my skirt and panties to expose his birthplace(my vulva) "you want my cunt" I asked. YES he answered. I pulled my son's underwear to expose my son's thick circumcised cock. The head of his manhood was dry, thick and mushroom shaped.

"I want it inside me Jack"

Like a pro, my son guided his cock tip between my legs. I separated my legs to expose my pussy. Holding my son's thick erect cock with one hand I used the other hand to open the lips of my eager pussy. "Put it in" I begged. Jack placed the dry mushroom shaped tip of his cock at the entrance of my pussy and smeared kt with my oozing cunt juices to lubricate his cock for a smooth and painless entrance into his mother's cunt.

I helped my son enter his cock inside his mother's cunt by placing my hands on his buttocks and pulling them downwards while he guided his penis into his mother's cunt. Slowly by slowly his cock entered my cunt and in a few second it vanished inside me. Since I was copulating with a male after an interval of 7yrs I felt some pain as my vagina accommodated my son's cock.

My cunt muscles were overstretched by Jack's cock We then both started fucking. After 20 minutes of intercourse, we both cummed simultaneously. My son ejaculated a copious amount of his sperm inside me. We slept with our genitals in unison. Once started we fucked each day until I got pregnant. We Mom and son married and became a couple. Our child a baby girl was born after nine months and we live as a family. Now I am pregnant for the second time. Hope it is a boy this time!

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