Doing It

by Cara (UT)

Lila laid there feeling his son’s stiff penis sink smoothly into her wet vagina. She felt guilty doing this with her son, but at the same time enjoyed the pleasure of his youthful enthusiasm and how special this was.

Since the divorce and with it being only the two of them such sexual indulgences had been very convenient and nice. She delighted in treating him to her nakedness and seeing the outrageously stiff erections this gave him when they were naked together.

And he thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to have his rigid penis in his mother’s wet depths, and to see her having an orgasm and then to excitedly climax in her.

On that particular morning they were fucking together once more and it was so beautiful. His slender naked body on top of hers, his hips working up and down to keep his stiff male organ moving in and out in an easy rhythm.

She murmured with his repeated inward pushes into her female organ, savoring just how good this felt.

“Yes … yes … just keep doing it,” she breathed with her head against the pillow and her eyes shut.

He held himself above her on outstretched arms, enjoying the sensation of his mom’s warm, wet vagina caressing his penis. He felt privileged to be fucking his mom like this and for the two of them to be sharing such moments.

Of course this was just between the two of them, as it always was with mothers and sons, even if such occurrences were hardly all that uncommon.

“Ohhhh …” Lila moaned as her clitoris could take no more and she gave in to an orgasm.

She arched back and trembled and gasped.

Her son smiled over seeing his mom’s sexual excitement being fulfilled. He liked to make her cum and watch her as she did.

Then, as she was sinking back onto the bed, he fucked his penis into her with a growing male purpose and ejaculated. His organ throbbed again and again in his mom’s vagina, doing so with such a satisfying conclusion.

Then they both laid there and looked at one another with a smile, delighting in their naked physical closeness and how wonderful this was.

“This is always so nice,” she told him and they did a small kiss on the lips.

“I’m glad that you like it, mom,” Jeffery said. “It always feels so good doing this with you.”

“It is special, isn’t it?” she said with an amused grin on her face.

“Yes,” he agreed, grinning back. “I like giving you my sperm. That always feels so good.”

“I like it, too. It’s so special for a mother to have her son’s sperm in her,” she told him.

They did another small kiss in celebration of the moment and their being able to talk to one another like this without embarrassment. They cuddled together and held each other close, savoring their just having intimately joined as mother and son in a way which nature so freely allowed and made possible.

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