Family Orgies: Part 2

by Phil Jessup (Gatton, qld, Australia)

My wife was having sex with our son twice a week and she was squirting heaps of times and when she masturbates she squirts heaps of times as well. One night as I was out my wife was sitting watching a movie naked and our daughter sat down next to her and as they watched the movie they talked and my wife asked our daughter when was the last time she masturbated and she replied a few hours ago and then she asked our daughter if she was still a virgin and she laughed and said that ship sailed years ago.

They then masturbated together then went to bed and a few days later my wife came home and said she had to go interstate for a conference and her boss was going as well. I had met him and he was 50 years and fit. I noticed he had a large bulge in his trousers when we talked so knew he was well hung.

They left on the Friday morning and flew to the other state and into the motel and they had separate rooms on the top floor all paid for by the hospital. They went to the conference Friday and then back to the motel and showered and out for dinner.

Once they were back at his room and having a drink my wife said she feels like going for a walk and went to the bathroom and a few minutes later came out naked.her boss blushed and she said lets go and she got him to take some photos of her naked in the hallway and they then went down in the lift and went for a walk and back to his room and I seen her nipples were rock hard.

They had another drink and I seen he had a large bulge in his pants and my wife noticed as well. She then undressed him and once he was naked she gasped as she seen his manhood. He said they shouldn't be doing this as they were married and my wife said it will be their little secret.

As he told her that he masturbated thinking what she looked like naked many times and she smiled and said did you cum and he said twice sometimes. As they talked she masturbated him to full erection and I was stunned as he was 11 inches long and thick as a baby's arm.

My wife sat him down and took his erection into her hand and placed it against her vagina and once she had the head inside her boss sucked and licked her nipples and over the next couple of hours she had 11 massive squirting orgasms and he unleashed 2 loads inside her stretched vagina and then went to bed and cuddled up together and went sleep.

They spent the weekend in the unit and never stopped having sex only to stop and eat. They went to the conference on Monday and Tuesday and flew home Wednesday afternoon. I knew this was going on as I found a hinged door in my wife's walk in clothes cupboard months later and found heaps of photos and videos of her activities over the last few years.

There was even a video of her father and brother naked with her standing naked between them and she was wanking them off and her brothers cum first followed by her father a few seconds later and she was covered in their sperm and they then went and had a shower together and her father bent her over the vanity basin and they had sex and then her brother done the same to her.

There was one of her naked one night in her bosses office on the late shift and she started to finger herself and he walked in and when he seen her naked and he locked his office door and stripped naked and they made love and she cum 4 times and he unleashed two loads inside her.

End of Part 2

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