Family Submission

by Donna (Las Vegas)

Several years after my wife Jennifer and I had made our family and were both well to do financially we got the news that my sister’s husband passed away. We asked her and the kids to move in with us since they weren't as well off as we are.

About a year went buy and while Jen and I were visiting them, my sister asked if the offer still stood. Jen and I were completely encouraged and we planned the whole process of moving them to our house. (We lived two states away)

During the move we were all taking shifts of driving. There was Jennifer, Myself, my sister and her two girls ages 17 and 19.

While the drive was often boring and the only thing to do is talk. I found out a lot about how the two girls looked at my sister’s marriage to Clark.

They told me thing s weren't great and he drank a lot and got mean when he did drink.

It took a while but we got her and the girls settled into a good schooling and working routine approximately 2 years after they moved into our house Jennifer and I were sitting by the pool having drinks when my sister came home from work. She seemed exhausted and asked if she could join us. I told her she could but she'd have to bring us fresh drinks.

She returned in her bikini and three drinks. After a while the drinks started to settle her down and she brought up how lucky we were to have everything we owned and each other. I looked at Jen and she acknowledged the fact this was a cry for help from my sister.(my wife is a Psychologist with a large practice).

Jen then started to talk to my sister as I left the two alone.

My sister admitted to my wife that when we were young she had sex with me after she caught me beating off smelling her panties. She and Jen talked about me a lot and they both told and bragged about my younger sex life.

I was bringing out some food I had prepared when I noticed a sly look from both of them as I returned.

I asked them if they were hungry and as if they hat rehearsed the response they both said "in more ways than you know".

As we laughed and ate dinner my wife mentioned that my sister is feeling low since Clark Passed and she has pent up feelings for me. She wants to sleep with me like we did when we were younger.

As Jen is saying this I'm looking at the two and know I am in for some good sex with these two hot women.

I take the dishes into the kitchen and my sister comes, grabs my hand and walks me into the guest suite. As we walk in, she locks the door behind us. She turns to me, looking in my eyes and says "remember this"? And dropped the bikini top to the floor. I said uh huh and pulled the tie strings on the bottoms and they fall to the floor also.

I grab her, pull her close and kiss her like a long lost lover. As she returned the kiss I feel her yanking my trunks off. My dick was already rock solid and she grabbed it and started to stroke me off.

As I look over toward the bed I notice my wife was there watching us. She saw the whole thing. I move to the bed and my sister and I still kissing and fondling each other and now my wife slid in behind my sister and is making out with her also.

I lay back and tell the girls to do whatever they want to. Jen then turns my wife and they are making out like two lost lesbians. I move to put my face in my sister’s crotch when Jen said "Oh No! She is mine to eat first" and got into a 69 with her. Both girls were going at it like porn stars.

I heard moaning and slurping noises from both of them when my sister started to moan loudly saying "I'm going to cum". Jen kept licking her pussy and my sister started to shake and quiver as she is cumming uncontrollably. My wife could barely keep her face between my sister’s legs.

As my sister started to recuperate I climbed between her legs and shoved my rock hard dick into her. She arched her back and said in a low voice "oh my God I've missed this cock". Jen said to her "Just let it all happen, Submit to your every desire."

As I started to feel her building up for another orgasm I started to drive it in as hard and deep as I could. My sister wrapped her arms and legs around me and just started crying "I'm cumming, I'm cumming, oh my dear brother don't stop".

She held me tight and was a quivering ball of uncontrolled womanhood. This went on for what seemed 15-20 minutes. When she did relax, she fell asleep. Jen and I left the room and let her sleep.

(This is Part 1) (Part 2 coming soon)

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