Son Marries Mother

by Rakesh (Washington, USA)

I never thought I would treat my mother Indira as a woman until the day she made me realise I am man of the house. She was a widow.

She told me I am man of the house and I should take care of all the activities my father used to do to the household. Everything was going well. Well at least until I realised mom is also a woman. I still remember the day I came early from work and since mom didn't open the door for me, I used the key to get in.

I heard the showering noise from our bathroom and knew my mom was having a bath. I went to my room. After sometime the showering noise stopped. I came out and saw mom passing through the lounge in her bra& panties. She looked voluptuous and beautiful.

I sought of got an idea that since I am the man of the house, sex should also come with the standard package. I need to satisfy the woman of the house sexually and she should satisfy me. She would not allow me to have sex with her willingly so the best thing would be to force her the first time. Once she gets laid forcibly she will accept the situation and allow me to be her lover. The idea as I was thinking made my penis turgid and erect.

I walked towards Mom's room. There she was sitting on her bed in red bra and matching red panties. I sat close to her on the bed. Then I touched her breast. It was soft and the nipple was hard. The size of her breast were 40DD.I slowly began to squeeze her breast. Mom said nothing.

She closed her eyes and didn't say anything. I became bold and began to squeeze the other breast. I removed her bra and released her breast. Then I started sucking her nipples to arouse her and prepare her for having sexual intercourse. Mom lay down on the bed. She raised her buttocks and told me to remove her red panties.

I removed it and now my mom lay fully naked before me. It was the first time I was seeing her cunt (my birth place) Her cunt was smooth and hairless parted the cuntlips and saw the reddish colour inside. There was the entrance of her vagina where the penis had to enter from, removed all my clothes and became naked. Then I lay down beside her.

I embraced her tightly and placed my lips on hers and we both kissed passionately several times exchanging our saliva. I kissed her whole body until I came to her parted cuntlips and kissed the inside. Then I entered my tongue fully inside her vagina. My mom started enjoying this because her cunt juices started oozing copiously preparing her cunt for smooth and easy entrance to the penis of her lover.

My mom was enjoying the cunt-kissing because she started moaning and started raising her buttocks up and down. Then mom told me to enter my penis inside her cunt because she was fully prepared for sexual intercourse with me.

I lay on my mom an she parted her legs to make way for my penis to enter her vagina. Mom placed the top of my cock on her vaginal entrance. Since mom 's vagina had not been used for a long time, I had some difficulty while entering inside.

Ultimately my whole penis was buried deep inside my mother's vagina up to the hilt. After her vagina had accommodated to my thick penis we started the rocking movement of pushing my penis in and out of mom's vagina. My mother put her both hands on my buttocks and pressed it towards her pub is so as to push my dick deep inside her cunt.

After a period of five minutes fucking my mom's cunt muscles tightened around her lover's (my)thick cock and started twitching on it. I felt my balls exploding gobs of semen inside mom's vagina and her cunt muscles milked my penis.

Our naked bodies remained connected together with my chest firmly pressing her big 44DD size breasts. We both made no moves to untangle as my exhaustion slipped me into deep sleep Both mom and son went to sleep with our genitals inside each other.

Mom proposed me to take her as my woman. We married and now live as husband and wife. In due time my mom turned wife gave birth to two children and we now have raised a family together.

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