20 Babies For My Daughter

by J Law (Reno Nevada)

My daughter Sarah was going to turn 19 in 9 months on September 20, it was 2 weeks after her last period she came into my home office and said "Daddy, I know what I want for my birthday."

I said, "baby your birthday isn't for another 9 months, why are you telling me this now?"

"Because daddy in order for me to get it, you have to order it now, it takes 9 months to get it."

"And just what do you want baby?"

"Yes, daddy that is what I want."


She said, "I want a baby, your baby daddy."

I was shocked, "Sarah, I am your father, we can't have a baby, let alone have sex, that is incest."

She then gave me puppy dog eyes and said "why not daddy I know you would enjoy a tight teen pussy, over mom's loose pussy, look at mine daddy," and with that she dropped her shirt to ground having no panties on under it and a shaved beaver.

"And look daddy I even shaved my cunt hairs so you can eat it better," well needless to say I got rock hard my daughter saw it and said "your cock likes the idea of us making a baby daddy, so let's do it."

She then unzipped my pants and started giving me the best blow job I ever had when she stopped, and we went into a 69 for about 15 minutes.

"Now it is time to give me my birthday present daddy," she stated and sat on my lap inserting her pussy onto my shaft riding me cowgirl style, when I told her I was about to cum she told me to hold off that she wanted me to finish in missionary so there would be a better chance our first baby would be a boy.

So we went into missionary position and I came in my daughter's fertile womb. Afterwards I thought what did she mean by our first baby.

Edward Randolph Smith Jr. Was born on September 19, an early birthday present for my daughter, when he was 9 months old my daughter had stopped breastfeeding him a month earlier, she walked I to my office Stark naked and said "daddy I know what I want for my 20th birthday.”

And that is how my daughter became the mother of 20. Today my eldest daughter/granddaughter came into my office 9 months before her 19th birth with her mother, Sarah.

Sarah said, "Daddy guess what Elizabeth told me what she wants for her birthday."

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