Life Pleasures

by Erin (Texas)

Life Pleasures

Old people want to have sex like anyone else, I’m seventy three and I still think about sex a lot and the smartest thing I ever did was to let my mother’s younger sister know, I wanted to fuck her forever.

Sure we have some age on us, my Aunt Wanda is only eight years older than I, and we both have extra pounds but she still has a sexy smile and a twinkle in her eye. After thirty six years of marriage my wife is always too tired or just doesn’t want it, anymore.

From an early age, big little ears, I knew my aunt liked sex a lot. You might think a young boy of eight or nine years wouldn’t know much about sex but long before puberty comes, we begin to think about sex and feel girls are different from boys.

My Aunt Wanda had one hell of a sexy body and was always wearing very short tight, cutoff jeans, her pussy mound quite pronounce showing through. I’m not going to mention any names but I overheard one of my father’s brother-in-law, I make a comment.

“How would you like to bust a nut off into that.” Well that sat me to thinking and began to paying more attention to my Aunt Wanda. My aunt was always sweet to me and as a middle child, we are always starved for attention. Babysitting us, my aunt put us down for a nap one afternoon, I’m sure to get some relief from the noise of four boys running about.

Lying down to the bed with, I was lying to where I was facing directly into her tight cutoff’s and pussy mound. So close I lay I could see little pubic hairs, curling around the fringes of those short, dark hairs mingling in with the frayed threads of her shorts.

Forever embedded into my mind, the imagine beneath her shorts, I began to fantasize of how I’d like to bust a nut off into that. Not that I’d busted a nut of my young life, at this point I had yet learned I could get myself off but there was Aunt Wanda’s jeans covered pussy.

Right in my face leading me to believe someday I just may talk my Aunt Wanda into giving me some of her pussy. Reaching my teen years I went to my aunt’s house, having it made up in my mind I was going to use the approach I’d heard my dad, comment to his brother-in-law.

“If you want a woman’s pussy, you first have to let her know, you want her pussy.” Knocking upon the door my aunt answered with a baby on her hip and a husband that didn’t go to work, that day.

One thing leads to another and I never got the chance to let her know how badly I wanted, to fuck her. I was quite bashful in those days and I guess even so years later. With Aunt Wanda at the age of eighty-one and me at seventy-three, I won’t get into how I accomplished letting her know, I wanted to fuck her but I am now, so happy I did.

My Aunt Wanda still has her pretty face, sexy smile and twinkle in her eye, I’d found so alluring. I can look to a picture in my mind of her and get a stirring in my cock, I find her that sexy. To me a look that says, “I can fuck, can you.” Thanking my Lucky Stars today, so many fantasies of I’ve had of eating her pussy and Aunt Wanda allowed me eating her pussy as if she knew how I needed to satisfy all my fantasies, giving me many of her orgasms.

Aunt Wanda didn’t rush me after her first orgasm in my face, wanting fucked, she place her hand to the back of my head and gave me a beautiful face fuck. Fear I’d blow my load before I wanted, clamped my cock off with my hand, using the pain of my hard cock to choke sperm back into my balls. Aunt Wanda came again and I shoved my face in hard, tongue working, the thrill I get of a woman cumming in my face truly hard to express well enough and now my Aunt Wanda’s pussy.

Of course I want to fuck her by now but I don’t know if I’m ever to get back to where I am now and keep licking and loving the pussy of fantasies. Aunt Wanda’s pussy proving to be everything I fantasized, holding my head, helping in every way, face fucking me, such a beautiful moment. Aunt Wanda never pulled away until I was ready and when I sank my cock deep into her, it was like I was fucking the pussy, I was meant to fuck all my life.

How great my cock felt, the smile of Aunt Wanda’s face as I came and kept fucking. The power of the little blue pill allowing me to do what I did of my youth, at the point of my first entering Aunt Wanda’s luscious pussy, I knew I was in the best I’d ever had. The smile of her face, the two of us watching my hard cock slid in and out of her beautiful, dark haired pussy.

The magnitude of my excitement and the satisfying feeling coming over me as I came a second time, Aunt Wanda and I made a connection I’ve ever known. There wasn’t any question of was it good for you and was I doing it better than the last guy or gal. Sex and love we have and I don’t believe it can ever get, any better than that.

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