A Mom's Needs

by Eric (NJ)

“Uhhh … honey …” Brittney moan as her son took care of her needs between her legs, with is erect penis moving in and out of her vagina.

“Mmm … it feels so good being in you, mom,” Karl said.

“I like it when you fuck me,” she said.

“Oh, mom … it’s great fucking you.”

“Well, just keep fucking me,” she said, as she lay on the bed with her eyes closed, savoring her son’s excursions. “Just keep fucking me until I come.”

Karl loved taking care of his mom’s sexual needs.

This was an arrangement which they had started several months ago, and that his father, of course, knew nothing about. This was just between him and his mom. His father had left for work and they had decided to fuck that morning, which was what they did it seemed like most mornings.

His mom was always ready to enjoy being laid and he always got the biggest and hardest boner with her.

Karl had been surprised by his mom’s sexuality. To him, she of course had always just been his mom. Then that one morning when she had let him see her naked, and teasingly mentioned how maybe he could take care of her needs and do it with her, Karl had not been expecting this. He had been willing, though, and they had thoroughly enjoyed the experience. In fact, they had fucked twice that morning.

“Oh, my God!” his mom gasped. “I’m going to come! I’m going to come!”

“Yeah, mom!” Karl said to her as he thrust his hard dick into her again and again.

“Oh … Oh … OHHHHHHHHHHHH!” she cried out.

Her orgasm was intense and all consuming. She choked and was subjected to its wracking spasms which spread throughout her naked body as she lay there being shamelessly sexual beneath her son. When she had been younger, she had been cautious about her sexuality, and with his father it had become more just a wifely duty to be performed.

Now, though, she was older and more confident about what she wanted and needed, and she was thrilled to be able to spread her legs wide to wildly and wantonly take her son’s erection into her pussy. And it just felt so good to be doing this together as mother and son, so special and so unbelievably and excitingly intimate.

“OH! OH! OH!” Brittney gasped as he clit exploded and her vagina convulsed around her son’s hard inserted male organ. “OHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!”

She writhed on the bed, turning her head from side to side. She could hardly stand it.

At last she achieved her release and she collapsed, exhausted from her intense sexual moment. Karl continued to fuck his mom.

It was thrilling for them to use the reproductive act like this together, and in a moment more he was ejaculating in her. His semen surging from his boner deep inside of her.

“UHHh! Yeah … Yeah … Yeah …” He groaned which each throbbing pulse of his erection. He was giving his mom his sperm without fear of impregnating her, but nevertheless fully and nakedly performing his biological function in her which was so satisfying to do.

“Oh, honey!” his mom said, feeling him fucking his cum into her, making their physical union complete. “Oh, honey … oh, honey that feels so good.”

Karl sighed heavily as his organ finished throbbing.

They both breathed in relief.

It was just so wonderful to fuck as mother and son and they both loved it.

And of course now they both knew that this was something that they would always want to do together.

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