Me And My Slutty Daughter

by Byron

My name is Byron and I have a daughter named Destiny who I haven’t been living with because I left her mother. I hadn’t seen Destiny for a while, but we went on calls occasionally and I sent her cards often.

I really missed her and I was hesitant about doing this because I hadn’t seen her in forever, but I asked her mom if she could stay at my beach house with me for 2 weeks during the summer.

Surprisingly they were up to it! The next week my daughter came up and my oh my she was gorgeous. She was 5 foot 9, with cup size 30 d breasts. She was very tan and slim.

She was wearing a short and tight pink dress that was so short you could see her lacy white thongs and bubble butt.

When I saw her I gave her a small peck on the cheek and we unpacked. I could have sworn when I bent down her panties were wet. I immediately went hard and excused myself.

After splashing my face with water my shirt got wet so I took it off. Destiny said she finished unpacking but she didn’t want to do anything the rest of the day.

So we watched TV. After about 10 minutes Destiny kept complaining she was hot. I mean constantly.

Then she said boys were lucky they could take off their shirts. I said why don’t you just change into shorts and a tank top.

She then got up and took off her dress. She sat back down and said that she was all better.

She. Was. Hot.

She was wearing a matching see through white bra and I was getting hard. She noticed and kissed me on the lips. 2 times. The 3rd time I stuffed my tongue in her mouth and rubbed her thighs.

She then sat on my lap and wrapped her legs around my waist. While we were making out I got up and carried her to my bed. I kind of threw her down and ripped off my pants.

She got all naked and then kneeled before me and started sucking my 9 inch hard cock. She said you have a nice cock daddy. I then face fucked her.

I laid her back down on the bed and finger fucked her while rubbing her tits and nipples. She moaned and juice spilled out. I sucked it all up and fucked her. We did a 69 and then slept.

We cuddled and did it all over again every morning and night. It was the best daddy daughter vacation ever. We’ve been doing it for 3 years now.

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