Perversion Or Fetish

by Bryn (Cheshire, UK)

Since the age of being able to reason or associate they have dominated my thoughts and actions and as far as I know, no one knows about the effect it has on me nor the hold it has over me, except perhaps my mothers sister Chrissy, the black sheep of the family who showed me a lot from when I was a teenager.

She it was who introduced me to the mysteries of the female body and the way it worked by being caught by me in the first instance on the loo, knickers around her ankles, dress hooked around her waist and with the fingers of her free hand buried in a mass of generous brown hair at the fork of her beefy white thighs.

Panic ensued as Chrissy tried to yank her knickers up and push hr dress down at the same time, wearing and attempting conceal her femaleness and succeeding only in showing mete sight of her big round white arse and the deep cleft dividing her twin globes. I scarpered quickly and did my best to avoid aunt Chrissy for days but eventually she collared me into the kitchen of the house.

She blocked my exit and backed me against the kitchen table and demanded to know what I thought I had seen when I interrupted her on the toilet, I stammered that I only saw lots of hair and that I didn't see anything more.

Chrissy laughed softly and pushed me down to the floor and said I had missed the main thing because I had caught her too early. I was scared and mystified but auntie grabbed my hair and pulled my head hard into her until I felt where her legs joined her lower body.

At that point I began to find out how females differed from males. Ordering me not to move, Chrissy dropped her hands, gathered the folds of her dress and slowly lifted the hem up until she was displaying her hefty wide thighs, her white lower belly and both separated by her once white knickers, now a well worn gray and sporting some tears around the elastic waist band.

In spite of my confusion I started getting a hardon and to aid it I was getting a distinct whiff coming from aunties body. I looked up at her she returned my eye contact and grinned wickedly and whispered for me to 'Watch the Birdy' and doing so eased her old knicker down lowly until she exposed to my hot eyes her vast hairy crotch.

Rich thick brown hair extended from near her belly button and seemed to extend to somewhere long her upper thighs, and the ripe fragrance emanating from that fork in her body made my nose tingle as I breathed in.

Letting me see my first ever female under her clothing was not enough because auntie then grabbed my head again and pulled it firmly into her hairy thatch. I felt yielding softness, a plump mound, a sort of cleft, a strong odour that made my young head spin and my boys cock to lurch and become maddeningly hard in my pants.

End of Part 1

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