Mom's Mistake, Mom's Belly

by Vonda (WS)

“Oh, God! Don’t come in me!” Carol cried out. But it was already too late as she lay there feeling her son’s erection ejaculating fully in her vagina.

They had gotten naked and had started playing around, and foolishly his penis had slipped into her vagina and he had stared fucking her.

Carol had tried to warn him, saying how they shouldn’t be doing this, although finding the sensation of his hard penis irresistible. Then, quickly, too quickly, he was climaxing. All she could do was to lay there letting it happen as his semen flooded her vagina with his sperm.

“Oh, honey … I didn’t want you to come in me,” she said.

Brian looked stricken. “I … I didn’t know. I didn’t realize.”

“That’s why I was saying that we shouldn’t be doing this. I was about to tell you to pull out before you ejaculated.” She drew in a breath and sighed. “Too late now.”

“Gee, mom … do you think that you’ll get pregnant?”

“Well, it usually takes doing it more than just once.”

“But what if you do get pregnant?”

“Then I guess that we’ll just raise it as your little brother or sister. I don’t want to get an abortion,” she answered, presenting that as the best solution.

Brian felt awful. If he had known, he wouldn’t have done that in her. He just thought that it would be ok. Now, if he had actually gotten his mom pregnant …

It was two weeks later when his mom delivered the bad news. “Well, it worked. I’m pregnant,” she announced that morning as they were sitting at the table in the kitchen.

“Gosh, mom,” Brian said. “I’m so sorry.”

She gave him a smile. “That’s okay. Actually I don’t mind being pregnant, and it’ll be special having your baby.”

“Are … are you sure?”

“Uh-huh,” she confirmed with a nod, looking rather pleased. She then teased him. “At least we don’t have to worry about fucking now. You can do it in me as much as you want. In fact, I’m looking forward to that.”

Brian grinned. His mom was great, and now they were going to have a baby together.

Note –
This is pretty much how it happened with my own son. I had been divorced from his father for about a year and the two of us were very close. One morning I suppose that I was just feeling in the mood and my son and I started nakedly playing around, having fun doing that.

Then, before I knew it, his penis was in my vagina and he ejaculated in me, and yes, I got pregnant. Nine months later I delivered a very healthy baby, his son and half-brother and my son and grandson, which we are raising as his little brother. It’s just best that way, and two years later I really have no regrets.

I know that there are a number of divorced moms out there who have been impregnated by their own son. Mostly unintentionally, although sometimes not, as well. But it does not always have to be a disaster, as I discovered. My son and I had a baby together and we are both now enjoying the fact that we did.

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