by Jessie (Italy)

I was about 18 and on summer vacation in Europe. We vacationed every year. Like any other summer, we visited the village, went swimming in the ocean, and hung around family.

Our families were religious and very close knit. By accident an attraction started between myself and my cousin. She was athletic yet curvy and had i believe 38DD breasts.

We were always bunking in the same bedroom while the parents shared the other rooms. It started innocent enough. touching. exploring. curiosity.

When we slept at night, one night i rolled over nest to her in my sleep and i assume i hard a erection that when right up against her ass.

She was in pyjamas, while i was in my underwear. i had no clue i had rolled up to her. i awoke slightly feeling a hand on my erect cock. Then i felt a grinding of an ass on my cock.

I did not know it was real. I thought i was having a dream, it must have been 3 am when i somewhat awoke. My cousin was whispering and telling me my cock felt great and that i was big.

We were both virgins. she was caressing my cock so well it was erect like a flag pole. She slid her pyjama pants down, took her hand with my cock and was rubbing her pussy as i was on her side.

She was so wet. she said it felt like electricity. she had my cock in front of her pussy entrance. caressing it. she told me to push, as she held it. I did. I felt a tightness like never before.

She bit the sheet so she won't be heard. she urged me to continue deeper. I did. slowly. I can feel her pussy opening up wider and getting so much wetter. I was barely half way in when she started to shake and vibrate.

She was having an orgasm and squirted. the sheet was soaked like someone had peed on it. her pussy due to the wetness opened up more and shoved my cock all the way in.

I could not believe the feeling. she was grinding her ass back at me and created this motion of lust. I was grabbing her nipples as we were doing this. she could not stop. she came again. then a bucket of pussy juice.

We still did not dare move or change position so no one could hear us in the next room. my cock still inside her, we both continued that same motion.

My cock was feeling different. expanding. getting harder. wider. she was telling me OMG what's happening? it's getting harder and bigger. i was so hard and excited, then we both felt it.

I was cumminng ropes of cum in her pussy and she was squirting and cumming also. my cock must have rocked back like a shot gun 8 times.

I did not know what happened. but felt amazing. we just stood there. beside each other. she turned her head and we kissed deeply. it felt amazing. it felt right.

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