Just Being Naked

by Anonymous

“Oh! Sorry mom! I didn’t know that you were in the bathroom!” Jim said with surprise as he opened the door and saw his mother standing in front of him naked.

She looked surprised too, but not overly embarrassed about her having just gotten out of the shower and having nothing on.

“That’s okay,” she assured with a laugh, looking amused to see her son’s startled reaction.

Jim had never seen his mom naked before. She was quite full bodied and curvy, with large breasts and nipples.

Seeing that she was not mad or upset by his accidental intrusion he grinned. “Well, you look nice,” he said.

His mother didn’t mind hearing that. “Oh. Maybe I should start walking around the house nude, if I’m going to get compliments like that.”

“Uh … that’d be okay with me,” Jim laughed.

She hung her towel on the bar. “care to join me?” she teased and walked from the bathroom.

Jim was surprised again by his mom’s inhibition as she casually walked down the short hallway and then down the stairs to go into the kitchen, with him watching her handsome smooth and rounded buttocks flexing as she went. He went down the stairs and into the kitchen too and saw her pouring herself a cup of coffee and doing so in quite a nonchalant fashion.

“Are you really going to start walking around the house naked?” he questioned with some disbelief over his mother being at all serious.

“Well, there’s no one to see,” she replied, addressing the issue of privacy. “It’s rather nice to go around without clothes. You could take yours off.”

Jim grinned a bit modestly.

“You don’t have to be embarrassed. I have seen all of that before, you know,” she assured.

“Well … yeah,” Jim said, realizing as much.

“Like I said, there’s no one to see. It would be nice being naked with my son.”

Jim swallowed. “Um … yeah,” he said hesitantly.

“Oh, go on. Live it up. It’ll be fun,’ his mom insisted.

Jim was barefoot and only had on a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. Summoning his courage he tugged the t-shirt over his head and then slipped his shorts down and off, leaving himself as naked as she was. It seemed kind of strange being naked like that with his mom, and a bit like an assault on his sense of diffidence. Then he quickly got past that and it didn’t feel quite so awkward. Actually, it felt kind of neat.Only he suddenly felt himself start to respond to her naked body and there was no way that he could hide the erection he was getting.

“Oh, my!” his mom said with a broad smile as she watched her son’s penis stiffen to push boldly upright.

“Sorry about that,” Jim apologized helplessly.

“Well, I feel flattered,” his mom said, eyeing his handsome erection. “It looks like a nice one, too.”

Jim blushed a little.

“Of course,” she said, “I don’t know how you feel about having an erection with your mother.”

“It … um, feels good,” Jim admitted. He did find it exciting to have his penis stiff like that with his mom, and that only encouraged his sexual dimensions and made his penis even more stiff.

“I suppose you could take care of that with me,” she said very nonchalantly.

“You mean …”

“Well, just so long as nobody knows,” his mom said innocently. “I certainly wouldn’t mind.”

They smiled at one another and went into the living room where his mom sat on the sofa and aid back. Feeling a little nervous and unsure Jim joined her, sitting on the edge of the cushions along side her shapely legs and bare feet. Slowly leaning forward they kissed on the lips. It was light and easy, but not something that they did regularly.

“Oh, that looks so nice,” she said and she reached out to feel his hard penis.

Jim began fondled her full breasts and bravely leaned all the way over to kiss and suck on both nipples.

“Oh … that feels good,” she remarked a bit breathlessly.

They kissed again and Jim found himself getting on top her her.

Jim squeezed his hand down between them to help guide the swollen head of his penis up to her vaginal opening. And then he was entering her, and she was wet and receptive. His erection slid in easily and smoothly.

“Ooo …” she cooed, feeling her son’s stiffness deep inside of her.

They looked at one another, realizing that they had just successfully become intimate.

Slowly and gently Jim began to slide in and out and was amazed by the fact that he was actually doing it with his own mother. That he was actually fucking her.

“Oh, yes, honey …” she breathed and held her arms around him as her thighs cradled his moving hips. “Oh. Don’t stop!”

Jim was excited to see his mom being so sexually responsive. He had never seen her this way.

“Just keep fucking me,” she said in a low voice.

Jim had never heard her talk like this before.

“Oh, it feels so good to be fucking you, mom,” he told her.

They both closed their eyes and savored the sexual action taking place as their naked bodies moved together. Jim’s stiff penis made wet sounds as it slid in and out of her his mom’s vagina.

“Oh, yes. Oh, yes …” she breathed loudly, raising her hips up to ensure that his erection went all the way into her each and every time.

In the next moment she was gasping and struggling the intensity of her orgasm.

Jim was surprised that his mom was climaxing and that excited him. He continued to fuck his penis into her as she did.

“Ohhh … Ohhh … Ahhhhhhh!!!” She gasped.

It was incredible seeing his mom coming like this and knowing that it was his stiff penis helping her to achieve this. Her large breasts bounced around and her erect nipples brushed his bare chest and touched his.

Jim breath caught in his throat as he started ejaculating.

“Uhhhh …”

He felt his semen teeming with sperm surge into his mom’s vagina, doing so again and again. His transfer of genetic materials was so satisfying and gratifyingly successful and doing that with his own mom was unbelievable. It was like he was paying her back for fucking his his father and giving birth to him. She loved it too, feeling her son satisfy his sexual urge deep within her, giving her his sperm.

A lot came out and the over abundance leaked from her vagina and down over er butt hole and she liked feeling that as it did.

“Mmmm …” she murmured and held him tight. “That felt so good.”

“Ohhh …” Jim responded in a shaky voice as his penis finished ejaculating.

It was incredible laying on top of his naked mother, feeling his male organ in her now thoroughly wet depths. Then he realized.

“I … I hope that its okay that I came in you?” he said, suddenly realizing what the consequences might be.

She smiled at him and laughed. “Yes. Honey. Otherwise I would have told you.”

“Oh Good,” said Jim, relieved.

She teased him. “Unless you were hoping to get me pregnant. But I don’t think that we have to worry about that.”

"That’s probably best.”

She smiled. “Still, it feel so good to have your sperm in me. I like that.”

“I like that too, mom.”

They kissed. Doing so as he lay on top of her with his penis still fully inserted, and their tongues slid wetly back and forth. It was all so wonderful.

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