Loving It

by Nancy (FL)

“Ohhh … it feels good to be fucked,” Cindy said as she laid on the bed with her legs apart, and her son was on his knees between them with his hard penis pushed into her vagina.

Brian grinned at his mom over her saying that.

“What?” she questioned. “Moms like to be fucked too, you know. That’s how I got to be your mom,” she reminded.

“I know,” he admitted. “I’m just not use seeing you being like this.”

She laughed. “Well, considering that your penis is in my vagina …”

Brian laughed, too. “It feels good to have my penis in you.”

“I’m glad that you like it,” she said and smiled at him in a pleased fashion.

They were having sex in a very relaxed and fun way that morning, just enjoying their naked physical intimacy and the fact that they were doing this as mother and son. It was very special and easy to do as a part of the natural bond between them.

Brian looked down and watched as his stiff penis went smoothly back and forth through his mom’s hairy vaginal folds, sliding repeated int her warm, wet depths. IHe could see that she was enjoying this, and it felt so good to be pleasing his mom in this way.

His parents had separated six months before and were in the process of getting a divorce. Their marriage had not been good for a long time so this had come as no surprise. What did surprise him was to see just how happy and uninhibited this had made his mother, and that she had been so revealing of her sexual side with him.

In all truth mother and son intimacy was nothing new, and these days it was something which as becoming much more common and even seen as being desirable. While studies on this were admittedly scant, research indicated that up to forty per cent of all divorced mother had intercourse with their sons. Even that the number might well actually be far higher than that. This was higher than fathers with daughters, or brothers with sisters.

These days many countries were abandoning their incest laws between consenting adults, and in the United States, so far only New Jersey and Rhode Island had followed that example. The fact that they lived in New Jersey meant that they did not have to worry about being arrested. He was eighteen and she was Thirty-eight.

Still, Cindy was mindful of the need to be discrete.

“If your father ever found out …” she mentioned and rolled her eyes over the thought.

Brain knew what she meant, of course. He had no doubt that his dad would never approve of his boning his mom like this. But this was something just between the two of them and it felt so good.

Brian continued to slide his boner in and out of his mom as she laid there savoring the pleasure of having him do that. That it was her own son’s erect penis in her was very exciting as her swollen clitoris demonstrated, its smooth pink elongated shape bulging conspicuously at the top of her vagina folds and she thrilled in letting him see that.

“Ohhh … Brian …” she breathed.

“It’s good doing this with you, mom.”

“Oh … it’s good doing this with you, too.” She said breathlessly, feeling her arousal increasing.

Brian grinned and reached his hand down to finger his mom’s swollen clit. That was all it took.

“AHHHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” she choked and gasped as she suddenly was climaxing.

Brian found it so exciting to see his mom nakedly having an orgasm.

She laid there and painted and then her body went limp on the bed, her full bare breasts having up and down.

Brian increased his thrust into her, feeling just how big and stiff his erection was as he went in deep into her. He grunted as he ejaculated.

“UH! UH! UH! UH! UH!”

It was so incredible feeling his penis doing hat in his mom’s reproductive organ, filling it with his sperm. Even though she would not get pregnant, it was no less significant for a boy to do this with his own mom, just as it was for a mom to have her son being sexually reproductive in her.

They both breathed a well-earned sigh of relief.

When they both opened their eyes, they smiled at one another with a pleased sense of satisfaction over the two of them once more have successfully mated, and with the thrill of their having accomplished this as mother and son. It was just so wonderful for them to be physically intimate in this way.

The experience, while it had been done in such a relaxed and fun way, had never the less also been quite breathtaking, to be sure when they had taken it all the way together to such a heightened conclusion.

“Oh, honey … I like it when you fuck me like this,” Cindy said and touched a hand to her son’s arm.

Brain smiled. “I like fucking you, mom.”

It was a wonderful moment for them to once more share, permissively and without embarrassment or shame. While some people might not have approved, and even saw this as immoral behavior, as so many mothers were so pleased and delighted to discover, it was nothing of the sort. It was a meaningful expression of genuine love and closeness between a mother and her own son.

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