Submit to Sister

by Harold (London)

We were both in our early twenties at home together for the day. We were playing games and were 'accidently' at first touching reach other. One moment my hand rested on her breast and she pressed it into my hand as she murmured.

I looked surprised at her and asked did you like that. Mmm she said it felt really lovely. Do it again, so I cupped her firm young breast again. This time I caressed it more and felt her, now stiff, nipple.

I felt her hand go to my thigh as I contacted enjoying the feel of her breast. I had become very stiff in my jeans. She moved her hand across my thigh and softly rubbed me through my jeans.

I sighed deeply at her touch, feeling braver I undid her lose so I could feel her bra my other hand moved to my sister's thigh and then to feel her nicely rounded bum cheeks.

She stopped rubbing me and then slipped her fingers into the top of my jeans and down to my very stiff cock. It was so erotic it made me braver, so I lifted her skirt at the back and rubbed her bum through her silky panties.

My sexy sister began undoing my jeans and slid them down my legs. She stood up again and input my fingers inside the front of those sexy panties for the first time I was touching her pubic bush and then the warmth of her, now moist, pussy lips.

I felt her wrapping her fingers around my erect cock and start to tenderly rub it, feeling how moist she was I eased first one then two fingers into her love cave. My other hand moved to release her breasts from the bra.

Then licked my way down to her nicely stiff nipples and began to lick and suckle them. She helped me out of my jeans and briefs so she could. Get to my rampant cock more easily.

Her fingers busy on my erection and fondling my balls. I was pressing my fingers in her shopping wet hole and gently rubbing her clit bud. All the time she was making soft "mewing" sounds and continued working on my cock and balls.

I began to feel as if I was going to explode, so I warned her. She then said would you like to cum inside me? Oh heck I so wanted to. She pulled me onto her bed and helped guide my so hard cock to her very eager very wet hole.

With her legs spread she pulled me onto her and thrust herself up at me. It was too much so I began thrusting into her. We were both so incredibly turned on we couldn't last very long before she was writhing and I was pushing hard and deep feeling my cock start to throb.

She was digging her nails into my back as she orgasmed massively. We collapsed our sweat soaked bodies locked together. She was mumbling into my ear how much she'd loved it and wanted to do it again.

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