Mom and Son Wonderful Moments

by Veena (NJ)

Josh was standing there naked, while his mom sat naked on the edge of the bed, leaning forward, sucking his penis. Josh had to smile. Boys never thought of their own moms doing things like this, and it was still surprising to be watching his hard erection sliding wetly in and out of his mom’s mouth.

Delia pulled her mouth away and grinned slightly self-consciously over being so licentious with him. “Well, mom’s like to do things like that too, you know,” she said simply, obviously enjoying being so orally indulgent.

Josh smiled at her.

She then leaned back on the bed, resting on her hands and spread her legs apart to reveal her hair vagina folds. Josh stepped forward and took a hold of his penis to guide it into place. Then, with gentle push of his hips, his erection slid into his mom’s lubricated vagina.

“Oooo,” she said and smiled with a pleased look of satisfaction.

It felt so daring to just be doing that nakedly together, his sticking his hard penis into his mom’s vagina.

“It’s so nice to be doing this with you,” she told him. “It’s very special for a mother to do it with her own son.”

“It’s special to be doing it with my own mom,” he said.

Slowly and easily as he stood there, he began to slide his stiff penis in and out.

His parents had separated a year ago and now had been divorced for the last six months, and the two of them had started having sex just shortly after that.

It was funny, because it didn’t feel like they were doing anything wrong or anything that they shouldn’t be. It just seemed perfectly normal and natural to be sharing that sort of physical intimacy together as mother and son. And the fact that they lived in New Jersey, where incest laws between consenting adults had been done away with, meant that there was no concern or worry over their being arrested. And while they were discrete about it, they certainly did not have to hide what they enjoyed doing together.

Again, and again his erect penis slid into his mom to communicate his feelings toward her, just as her sitting there with her legs apart, allowing the presence of his organ in hers to communicate her own feelings. As so many mothers and sons discovered, it was so emotionally rewarding to be close like this.

At one time it had been considered to be a son’s duty to take his absent father’s place, and to satisfy is mother’s sexual needs. This had been something which had even been considered to have a certain amount of social acceptable, and was regarded as something that simply was not talked about. Interestingly, one study even estimated that one-quarter of the population of ancient Greece and Rome had been fathered by sons with their mothers, thus accounting for the strong facial resemblance of people in both countries even in this day and age.

Now, of course, with modern birth control, mothers were free to be sexual indulgent with their own sons just for fun and for love and to experience an intimacy which otherwise could never be achieved. Increasingly, these days, this was something that many mothers wanted both the thrill and satisfaction of experiencing.

To be sitting there knowing that it was her own son’s reproductive organ that was nakedly in hers, provided Delia with an unknown arousal. Her clitoris was fully erect and expanded to its very limits, as her smooth pink pleasure organ was visibly enlarged and jutting out.

“Oh, Josh … “ she breathed as her naked body responded in an excessive way that she was helpless to control.

Josh continued to smile as he looked down at his mom, enthralled by the fact that it was his hard penis that was providing her with this type of physical and sexual pleasure. At the same time, finding that same excitement making his penis so enormously large and stiff. Far more so than if he had been doing this with just any girl.

His erection moved purposefully in his mom’s soft, warm, wet vaginal interior.

“Oh … Josh …” Delia swallowed and drew in a much-needed breath. “Oh, this feels so good … this feels so good …”

“Mom… it feels so good being in you …”

“Oh, yes. Oh! Ohhhhh … ohhhh … you’re going to make me cum!”

She felt her body tensing and then in the next moment being seized by the spasms of her orgasm that spread out from between her legs. She choked and struggled as she sat there on the bed climaxing uncontrollably.

Josh loved watching his mom undergoing her sexual release.


Then, at last, her orgasms began to come to a merciful conclusion.

Josh quickly fucked his erection into her two dozen more times and was suddenly ejaculating in her.

“Uhhhhh …Uhhhhhh …” He groaned as he felt his erect organ throbbing and pulsing out his discharge of semen. It was so gratifying to feel his wet sperm coming out of his penis and going into his mom’s vagina. The intensity of his own release made his knees and legs feel weak as he stood there doing this in his mom. “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh …” he sighed.

It took them both a long moment to recover. When they had, they opened their eyes and smiled at one another with a shared pleasure.

Josh withdrew his no longer complete stiff penis from her.

“Oh, honey… it feels so good when you do this with me,” she told him.

‘It feels so good doing it with you,” he said.

There was just that wonderful shard feeling of satisfaction that came from the their just having completed the reproductive act together, that they had just had sex and had just made love as mother and son. There was just no better feeling in the world and it was like neither of them could ever have enough of that.

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