Aunty is Now my Wife After She Got Pregnant

by Tim (Cleveland)

Sheela, my wife is actually my aunty whom I had to marry after she got pregnant with my child. She was a divorced woman. But she was very beautiful.

One evening I was sitting in the balcony. It had been raining the whole day and the weather was very cold. Suddenly a car entered the gate and stopped in the portico.

A woman came out and knocked at the door. I recognized her as Sheela aunty. I opened the door and let her in. She said she come to meet a friend in this area and after that she had come to visit me.

Sheela was very beautiful and her breasts were 40D size and were raised upwards. Her buttocks were broad and heavy. But she was a widow.

Aunty said she was very tired so she would be staying with me for the night. I was very happy. After dinner I took Sheela aunty to the guest room for sleep. I went to rest in the adjacent room.

Round about 2am I was awakened by somebody. I woke up and saw it was Sheela sitting on my bed wearing a very transparent nightgown. Her bra and panties could be seen clearly through the gown.

Sheela came near me and kissed me on my lips. She pressed her breasts on my chest. I caught hold of my aunty and we both kissed several times and even drank each other's saliva.

She told me to remove her gown. After that she took off her bra and panties and now she was totally nude. Her breasts were very beautiful and I caught them with my hands.

Sheela aunty told me to remove my night gown. I removed my night gown and became naked. Then we faced each other totally nude..yes a man and woman fully naked.

We looked at each other lovingly. Sheela caught hold of my circumcised hard cock and caressed it. I loved the feel of her fingers playing on my rigid penis. I also started rubbing her pubic mound.

We both were preparing for intercourse. Sheela's cunt started to release fluid copiously. We both were enjoying fully preparing for entering into each other's body to become one.

After some time Sheela told me to enter inside her. She caught hold of my cock and guided it to the entrance of her vagina and told to push my erected cock inside her cunt.

I gave a gentle push and my penis went easily inside her vagina. She lifted her buttocks and gave a push from below. My whole cock had entered her vagina up to the brim.

We remained sexually tied and kissed each other. Then we started the fuck act pushing my circumcised thick cock inside her pussy. We fucked for half an hour and we cummed together.

She released her love juices and bathed my cock while I ejaculated my seed deep inside her cunt. We then remained inside each other for some time enjoying the awesome feeling.

We fucked four times that night. Sheela got pregnant with my child. We married and registered our marriage. We are expecting our first child. Sheela moved and came to my home. We enjoy our married life.

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