My Drunk Mom (The Next Day)

by Chris (Minnesota)

I woke up the next morning from a very realistic dream. I could almost feel it; I was getting an amazing blowjob. Opening my eyes, I saw it wasn't a dream at all. Mom was sucking my cock!

Mom saw my eyes open, and stopped looking enough to say, "Good morning sleepy head." Then she swallowed my shaft again.

This was new. Mom wasn't drunk, and she was willingly doing her son. The sight of her blonde head bobbing up and down my length was enough to do it for me. A few minutes later I told her, "I hope you swallow Mom, I'm gonna cum!"

She nodded slightly, and soon took my morning load right into her hot wet mouth. I watched her swallow it down, then she stopped and smiled at me.

"I suppose we should get the discussion out of the way now."

She sat up, exposing that amazing naked body to my eyes again.

"First of all, thank you for last night Chris. I really needed that. That being said, we're going to have to have some rules for this."

That was fine with me. That meant I was going to be getting more from Mom, and even drunk on her ass, she was a great fuck. So I listened as she went on.

"I've thought about it, and we can keep making each other happy. But only when no one is around. When someone is, its the usual Mom son thing. Can you live with that?"

When I nodded, she smiled. "Good. No one is coming over today, so we can have an interesting day if you're up for it. How about some breakfast?"

When I said sure, she showed me what she meant. Mom got up, and didn't even throw on her robe. She went downstairs naked to make breakfast.

We ate side by side, checking each other's body of the entire time. Those big tits and that closely trimmed pussy had me hard again in no time. Mom smiled at that.

"God I love young guys! They get hard again so fast!"

"With the view I've got right now Mom, who wouldn't be?"

"Thank you again Chris. You make your old Mom feel good."

I looked at her and said, "Mom, you're easily the most beautiful woman I've ever had. Bar none."

"Even better than your girlfriend Sue?"

"She wasn't really my girlfriend. We were friends with benefits, if you know what I mean."

Mom nodded. "Friends that fuck in other words."

I nodded. "She's a lot wilder than you are, but that's the only thing that sets you apart."

"Tell me about her."

"She's a total slut Mom. Looking like she does, that's a wonderful thing to find. The first night we went out, she ended up giving me head at the drive in."

"Very nice."

"It was. Naturally we fucked on the way home. She'll literally do anything. I took her out one night to a rest stop, and we had a gangbang with complete strangers. That was entertaining."

"What about women? Does she do women too?"

I nodded. "I got to see that one night. She had a friend join us. She loves pussy."

Mom smiled at that. "I know how she feels. I had a lot of girlfriends in college. Back then it was called lesbian until graduation."

I got rock hard just imagining Mom eating pussy. Mom noticed and smiled. She got up then, and took the dishes to the sink.

"I could use some help with the dishes Chris."

I stood up, and then got what she was saying. She was standing there bent over at the waist with her ass sticking out. I walked over behind her, and placed my hands on her hips. Lining up my cock, I slipped into Mom's pussy for the second time.

Watching my shaft disappeared deep inside her was something I never got tired of, and my hips met hers. I savored the feeling for a moment, then Mom's hips started moving. She pulled forward, then sank down my length again.

"That feels so good. Fuck Mommy Chris! Make me cum again!"

My hands worked over her massive tits as we fucked that morning. About 20 minutes later, I was close.

"Ready for your son's cum Mom?"

"Do it baby! Cum in Mommy!"

I blasted that hot pussy again, filling her up. Mom surprised me that day. When I'd finished pumping her full, she pulled off me and turned and knelt.

I watched as her mouth opened, and she sucked my sticky shaft right in. After a couple of minutes, she finally stopped and smiled.

"We taste good together."

A few minutes later the house phone rang. Mom answered it, and when she finished, she looked disappointed.

"I just got called into work Chris. I'll be home the rest of the day."

I watched her get dressed, and she kissed me at the door. Before she left though, she said one last thing.

"Why don't you call Sue and see if she'd be interested in a threesome?"

Then she walked out, leaving me slack jawed.

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