The Adia Mom

by Lori (OR)

Adia was surprised. In fact, she was shocked.

It wasn’t like she had been snooping. She was over at her mom’s house to water the plants while her mom was out of town for a few days on business. The envelope was right there on the bookshelf, so she had opened it.

Inside were photographs of her mom and her best friend Diane, who was her mom’s age and also divorced. They had obviously been taken when she and Diane had gone down to Mexico last year together on vacation. She was surprised to see her mom and Dian standing there together head-to-toe naked in the tropical-looking setting of an outdoor patio.

Adia smiled. He had never imagined her mom and Diane being nudists.

She then looked at the other photos and her mouth fell open.

There was her mom and Diane, again naked, and in a hotel room, with five naked older men.

They were having an orgy!

She could not believe what she was seeing. In one picture Dian was lying on the bed being fucked while two other men watched and her mom was crouching down sucking on a man’s cock! In another her mom was surrounded by three men feeling her up and she was holding a man’s boner.

Then in one more she saw her mom was on top of one man fucking and another man had his dick in her ass! She was doing a double penetration! Then in two more pictures, her mom and Dina were being very bisexual while they were both being fucked!

Adia had no idea that her mom was so sexually uninhibited!

She had never imagined her own mom being fucked by multiple men at the same time.

It was quite breathtaking to be sure!

She could see the look of pleasure that was on both her mom and Diane’s faces as they were being assaulted in the most sexual of ways!

Adia studied the photographs. It was incredible to see her mom sucking on a large hard dick and her vagina being penetrated like that in a most willing fashion.

Geez! Her mom was a swinger!

Adia started to become aware of how arousing the photos were as she felt her clitoris responding and her own vagina growing wet. To see her own mom fucking like that!

Adia sat in a chair and slipped her shorts and panties down, and let her hand slid between her legs. She looked at the pictures as she started to masturbate herself. Geez, this was making her so unbelievably horny!

As he fingers rubbed over her erect clit her bare toes gripped at the rubber soles of the flip flops she was wearing and she pushed back in the chair.

Geez! There was her mom getting a large hard boner in her ass!

Adia let the fingers of other hand slip down and her index finger began to tickle her tight little butt hole, adding to her stimulation.

“Oh! Ohhhhhh!” Adia panted as her sexual pleasure grew and became more and more intense.

Suddenly she was having an orgasm.

“Ahhhhhhhhh … Ahhhhhhhhhhhh …” she gasped she climaxed and her body tensed with waves of overwhelming sexual pleasure. “Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God!” she panted over and over as her clit felt like it was going to burst and electrical impulses rippled between her legs.

The images of her own mom being so sexual and fucking like that were so exciting!

Then her orgasm was easing and Adia felt this happening with near relief. It had been so quick and so intense.

She breathed deeply, catching her breath.

She felt almost embarrassed to have had such an incredible orgasm and especially while looking at her naked mom having sex. It was almost tantalizingly incestuous.

Adia smiled happily to herself as she wondered if her mom would ever want to be bisexual with her. It was a teasing idea, her and her mom being sexual together, and she thought how she might well have to find out.

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