The Mom Fulfillment

by Deedra (NJ)

Derrick was fucking his dick into his mom’s big hairy twat.

It was such an audacious thing for a boy to do with his mom, and he loved it and so did she. They were doing it right there in the living room. She was sitting naked on the arm of the sofa, and he was standing there just as naked with her, stroking his thick boner in and out her.

“Oh, yes – give it to me! Keep fucking me!” she said, her eyes closed as she felt his rigid masculine length plunge into her again and again.

“Ah – it’s good fucking you mom,” Derrick told her.

It had only been six months since his parents had divorced. After so many years of putting up with his overbearing father, he and his mom having sex like this was the perfect way to put the past behind them.

Like so many divorced mothers, Shannon found that having sex with her own son was the unsurpassed way to fulfill her womanly desires and needs. It so satisfyingly made the mother and son bond complete. For Derrick it was the same. For a boy to be able to copulate with the woman who had produced him was the essential in sexual completion.

“Oh, you’re making my cunt so wet!” she said.

“Mom, you’re making my dick so hard!” Derrick told her, feeling just how enormous big and stiff his penis was.

“Oh, oh, yes – you’re going to make me cum,” Shannon breathed, feeling her uncontrolled arousal building between her legs in a way that she had never experienced with his father.

“It’s so good to fuck you and make you cum, mom,” Derrick said.

“You’re going to make me cum,” she panted. “Your dick is going t make me cum.”

Derrick continued to thrust his rigid boner into his mom’s lubricated vagina with a lovingly lustful passion, as she sat perched on the padded arm of the sofa, her large breasts flopping up and down with his efforts.

Again and again she felt her son’s erection moving in her, sliding through the excessively hairy outer lips of her vulva. His father had never liked her being as hairy as she was down there. Her son loved it, and thought that it was wild and sexy.

“Oh – Oh – Oh –“ She moaned. “Oh, it’s so good to have my son fuck me!”

It was so exciting to be fucked by her own son. It was the most sexually outrageous behavior that a woman could experience and it made her climax in a way that she never had before.

Shannon gasped and choked.


She could barely tolerate the wracking spasm of her orgasm. Her hands gripped the arm of the sofa as her legs went involuntarily wider apart to endure that her son’s penetrations went into as deeply as they could.


Derrick enjoyed the satisfaction of making his mom cum and being able to use his hard dick to accomplish that.

OHHHHH … Ohhhhh …” she panted as the electrically charge spasms began to ease, giving her relief.

Derrick smiled with enjoyment as he fucked his dick to a satisfying ejaculation in his mom.

“UHHHH!” he grunted as the semen shot out, delivering his sperm once more into his mother with a naked fulfillment. His penis pulsed repeatedly in her soft wet reproductive depths, issuing an excited overabundance of his male liquid. “UHHHH!!!!”

With his mom it wasn’t just fucking, but the ultimate in gratification. It was showing her how much he loved her.

They both breathed a deep sigh of relief, catching their breath.

“Oh, honey – “Shannon said, looking at her son in a meaningful way, and reaching up a hand to tenderly caress his face. “It’s so wonderful doing this with you,” she told him with a heart-felt love.

And it was wonderful, just being able to let loose and to be unembarrassed with him about her sexual needs and the excitement that she felt. Even with his father she had never been able to enjoy sex with such an uncontrolled wild womanly abandonment. To use her vagina in all of its lustful passion.

Derrick felt the same, of course. He felt prideful over the huge erections that he got with her, and quite unapologetic about just how badly he wanted to shove it between her legs, to let her feel every stiff inch of his hard maleness.

With his penis still in her vagina, they kissed.

“Oh, honey … this is so wonderful,” she told him.

“I know, mom.”

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