Brother And Sister Love

by Nancy (IL)

“Oh!” Ken said, surprised to see his sister standing there naked when she answered the door.

Carla merely grinned.

“Hi,” she greeted cheerfully.

“Did I …. Uh, catch you at a bad moment?” Ken questioned.

“No,” she assured and added without embarrassment, “I just happen not to have any clothes on.”

“Uh … yeah. I can see,” Ken said, grinning a little himself, although a bit sheepishly.

“Come on in,” she told him and held the door open to let her brother into her apartment. She could see the uncertain look on his face.

“It’s just your sister without clothes,” she remarked carelessly as she stood there. “I don’t mind if you see me naked.”

“Oh,” Ken replied, seeing that obviously his sister didn’t. He had never seen his sister naked before while they had been growing up, although the two of them had always been very close as brother and sister.

“Don’t worry, mom and dad won’t know,” she assured. The grin on her face broadened. “You can take off your clothes too, if you want.”

“You mean … be naked, too?” Ken questioned unsure.

“What? Are you afraid that you’ll have to make love to your sister?” she teased.

“Geez!” Ken half laughed over his sister’s impudent comment.

“You never know … it could be fun,” she said. She laughed and added, “I don’t think that we’d be the first brother and sister to do it.”

Ken just stood there and didn’t know what to say. He was a little amazed by his younger sister’s uninhibited attitude.

“Well,” Carla stated innocently, “personally I think it would exciting doing it with my brother. We never got to do anything like that when we were younger.”

Ken was twenty-six and single, and his sister was twenty-four and also single.

“Geez!” Ken said again.

Carla gave a shrug that made the fullness of her bare breasts go up and down. “It’d be a nice way of greeting each other.” Mindfully she threw in, “Don’t worry. I’m on the pill. You don’t have to worry about getting me pregnant.”

“I would hope not,” Ken said, blushing slightly over his sister’s perfectly practical and matter of fact attitude.

“Now … are you going to get naked?” she questioned in a challenging fashion.

“Um …” Ken hesitated. “I … I guess that I could.”

Caral watched as he started to get undressed. By the time he was completely naked, Ken found himself starting to get an erection. He felt modest about this, but at the same time it was exciting to let his male-feelings show like that with his own sister.

“Oooo!” she teased, giving an admiring look at her brother’s organ which was pushing the extremes of enlargement, as the swollen head mushroomed out impressively, becoming shiny smooth.

They both laughed and embraced and shared a small affectionate kiss on the lips.

Easily they moved over to the sofa where Carla laid back with her legs well apart. Ken was grinning as he took a hold of his erection and guided the swollen tip up and into the vaginal opening of his sister. Easily he slid his penis in and they were both amazed to find this level of physical commitment actually happening.

Ohhh …” Carla breathed as she felt her brother’s stiffness deep inside of her.

Ken draw partially back and went in again, and began to repeat this with a well practiced ease.

For the next few minutes he fucked his sister and enjoyed her womanly response as she raised and lowered her hips to meet his in the achievement of mutual pleasure.

“Oh! That feels so good having my brother’s dick in me!” viral exclaimed.

“Gees, Carla … it feels so good having my boner in my sister’s pussy!”

Carla was panting now, getting closer and closer to Having an orgasm. When she did, she cried out and squeezed her eyes shut, lost to the intensity of her release.


Ken could hardly believe that he was using his hard dick to make his sister come.

He continued to thrust his maleness into her without mercy, giving her every rigid inch of his boner.

Then ken gasped and groaned as he ejaculated inside of his sister, amazed by how wonderfully satisfying it felt to be giving her his sperm.

“Uh! Yeah! Yeah!” Ken groaned over and over as the thick liquid surged from his penis.

They were both left panting from their sexual escapade.

“Oh, man … sis!” Ken breathed deeply.

“Oh, bro!” Carla said.

When they finished fucking each felt just a little contrite over their lack of inhibition with one another, and yet neither had any regrets for doing what they just had.

When they had been growing up there had always been that special brother and sister closeness between them, and even though neither would have ever said, that hint of a romantic attraction that was so common between a brother and sister.

They both grinned a bit self-consciously, but also with a feeling of pride.

“Well, mom and dad better never know about this!” Carla laughed.

“Well, it’s just between us,” Ken pointed out.

They looked at each other and kissed and enjoyed the warmth of the closeness.

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