Naughty Mum

by Stephen T (Bristol)

One night late I was alone in the house with my 60 yr old mother, I was 18 I walked past her bedroom to the toilet as I walked back I heard her say could you do something for me as my father was away.

She was at the foot of the bed bend over naked, a shock as i have never seen her undressed before she said she has a problem with her back and would I rub some cream in for her as there is no one else to do it and apologized for being naked.

I thought ok and as I put the lotion on her I thought wow from behind she could be anyone and as good as any woman I had seen naked. It was a bit dangerous as I was also naked which she has often seen.

She moved and opened her legs wider she said rub it in further down which exposed her butt a bit more and as I rub it in my cock kept touching her butt and I thought hell I am getting a hard on so I stopped .

Why have you stopped she asked and looked back over her shoulder and noticed my hard on, oh I see why I suppose that was a bit to much to ask a young man especially with a huge cock like that.

She said don’t be embarrassed you can still carry on so I did and my cock kept touching and sliding into her crack as I was doing it.

I could hear her whimpering and she opened her legs wider and the next time my cock touched her crack it was getting very wet and it slipped in under.

I could hear her moan and she moved back to let it slide along her fanny lips which surprised me. She had got hot under the collar and I felt her push back and then forward then her hand got hold of my cock placed it at her opening and she slid back slowly onto it.

I said oh mum what are you doing she said I need that beauty up me please don’t back away and she started rocking back and forth until she had it all so I thrust back in unison and we fucked till we both came.

She turned and said I am sorry but I needed that and kissed me full on the lips pulled me to her as we lay together wrapped around each other.

She was not done though as she slid down the bed and took my cock in her hands and said can I suck it please I just nodded as she slid her mouth over my rapidly hardening cock until it was at full hardness again.

Then she turned and sat her fanny right on my mouth and said please lick me I did not need asking twice as I lapped away at her fanny and she sucked me until we both came again.

We fell asleep in each other’s arms nothing was said we just understood a moment of tenderness which we repeat over and over when we are alone at night in the house.

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