The Best of Male Friends

by Ron (OR)

“Mmm … yeah,” Brad breathed as he lay there savoring the sensation of Greg’s stiff, lubricated male organ sliding smoothly back and forth through his butt hole.

The stimulation making his own erection extremely stiff in response.

Greg smiled as he looked down and saw his penis disappearing again and again inside of his friend.

Two guys fucking were always so exciting.

If they had been gay then that would have just been normal. But since neither of them were, their having sex like this was so special.

“Man … it feels so good being in you,” Greg said.

“I love it. I love feeling your dick in me,” said Brad.

Greg continued to fuck his friend with easy strokes, each and every time with his erection going deep into Greg’s accommodating anal sheath.

Slowly he felt the urgency within his penis building.

“I’m going to come,” he said.

Brad waited expectantly and in another moment he was not disappointed as he felt Greg push deep into him one final time and keep his penis there as he ejaculated.

Feeling Greg discharging his sperm into him was suddenly making Brad ejaculate, too.

The semen came out in repeated short, thick pulses across his stomach.

It was so incredible climaxing together like this.

“Oh … Oh … Oh …” Brad moaned, feeling his butt hole tighten around Greg’s boner, squeezing it passionately.

Greg loved the moment of intense shared male pleasure which left them both breathing hard.

He looked down and Brad opens his eyes and looked back at him and they both smiled over once again having successfully celebrated their feelings of friendship.

Greg saw the proof in the thick white semen that wetted Brad’s stomach, and felt his own invisible contribution filling Brad’s anal depths with his sperm, and how wonderful it was to be able to give that to another guy.

No, as they had both discovered, guys did not have to be gay to be loving with one another and to sexually express their feelings.

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