Drunk Aunt

by Sean (Ireland)

When I was around 24 my mother’s sister came to our house to visit, she was a widow and had been for some years, she looked like my mother but younger, she hadn't been there for quite a while and they had a lot of catching up to do,

I was watching the TV in the other room leaving them to chat. My aunt was probably in her early fifties no great beauty but I had noticed her big tits.

They had been having a few drinks and i could hear them getting louder went in to see if they needed anything as I went in my aunt who was going to the bathroom brushed past and remarked how much I'd grown since she last saw me.

I sat down and spoke to my mother as she waited for her sister to return, when she returned my mother went to the bathroom, my aunt remarked I was sitting on the chair she had been on, as I moved to get up she said don't bother and sat down on my knees.

She was a little tipsy and fell against me i immediately felt her big tits against my chest and her ass push against my cock which responded by starting to swell, at this moment my mother came back into the room.

My aunty looked me in the eye and smiled as she got up glancing at my crotch, my mother looked over at us but i don't know if she suspected anything. I left the room trying to hide my half hard cock.

A little while later my mother asked if i could give my aunt a lift home as she couldn't get a taxi of course i said yes as i thought about her ass on my cock and her lovely tits on my chest.

On the way to her house she brazenly asked if I’d liked the feel of her body on me i said it had felt lovely.

As we arrived at her house she asked if I'd she her in as she was a little drunk, she held on to me as i walked her in, at the door she turned to me and kissed me full on the lips and stroked her hand across my crotch, are you coming in for a minute or two she said, my cock gave me away as she led me in.

In no time she hugged me groping all over me i returned the favor feeling her tits and ass, she pulled my cock out and told me to fuck her as she was so horny and hadn't had sex in ages,

l had my hands in her knickers feeling her very wet pussy we both dropped our underwear and fucked on the sofa, after i came in her cunt she must have came to her senses and asked if i thought she was some type of pervert for fucking her sisters son.

I said no that we were both turned on and no harm had been done. As i left she gave my cock a squeeze and told me to call in some time.

When i got back home my mother looked at me very suspiciously and asked what had taken so long, heavy traffic i said, as she went to bed i saw her look at my crotch i looked down to see my zipper undone, i think she suspected something happened but never said anything.

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