My New Family

by Anonymous

I met my new parents while i was in the orphanage, i was 17 and about to turn 18. all three of us took an instant liking to each other and after all the legal stuff was over they picked me up and took me home.

I was wearing shorts and a top because it was a warm day , once we got home, they showed me around the house and my new bedroom it was all so wonderful. my new mom said she worked out of town though a lot and my new dad worked from home in his den .

Soon after i arrived i turned 18, and we had a small party for it . the next day my new mom had to go out of town for work for a week and that left me and dad there alone.

So i came to the kitchen that morning to get something for breakfast dressed in a t shirt and panties my dad was there as i opened the fridge, as i leaned over and reached in i felt my t shirt ride up past my panties a little, i seen what i wanted and reached in for it when i felt a hand caressing my ass, and i heard my dad say how nice it looked and felt as i moaned a little.

I stood up and turned to face him and he smiled as he pulled my t shirt up a little and kept caressing me and said we could have a lot of fun while mom away as long as she didn't know.

At first i was reluctant until he slid his hand down my panties and started fingering my tight asshole slowly working it deeper it was turning me on, and we kissed. He then looked at me and said from now you're going to be my submissive sex slave taking care of me and some of my friends and i agreed, and he said ok.

He had me get on my knees in front of him as he slide his dick out it was big about 9"and i started sucking it i felt him getting hard in my mouth as i kept going and soon he cum in my mouth as i swallowed it all down.

He smiled and said good girl as he helped me up, he then said to me that we were going to my bedroom and after we got there he told me to undress as he got undressed to.

He had me suck his dick hard again and had me lay down and spread my legs wide open for him, he then started eating my wet pussy until i cum and kissed his way up to my tits and sucked them both.

He smiled as he started to push his big dick into me slowly , i was tight and it hurt a little but it felt nice also, soon i felt him slipping into my cervix where it stopped, he waited a moment and slowly started to fuck me i moaned as he did under him and soon he was going at a pace not long after i felt his dick swell and he pushed all in and i felt his hot sperm filling me up .

He then pulled out and told me how good i felt to him but it was time i was to be fucked in my ass as well, i was nervous as i rolled over and he had me spread my ass cheeks.

He strattled me and the slowly pushed into me it hurt but as he went it wasn't too bad i felt him deep in me and felt his hot breath on my neck he started fucking me slowly until he cum in my ass it was so hot but felt great afterwards he laid down next to me and said that he would invite a couple of his friends over the next day for some special fun with me i smiled and said ok.

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