Mom Is Huge

By Tagnasty (California, USA)

I was sexual at birth, my first memories are sexual. I looked at my first female teachers and wondered what it looked like between her legs. I constantly tried to get an angle which allowed me to see up their dresses as they read a story to the class.

When I was 18 puberty intensified my hyper sexuality, making desire become needy. I had viewed naked women in magazines I found under the mattress of the bed my mother was fucked upon multiple times daily. My step father had a massive cock that was more than ten inches and equally gifted in girth.

Birthing nine children and fucking a man so endowed resulted in a gaping maw partially covered by flaps of loose labial tissue bunched in a heap between my mother’s legs. I had no concept of such things and assumed all women had similar flesh parts like those I had masturbated incessantly over in the magazines.

I needed to see between a woman's legs in real life at once, that I may decide how I shall eat it, fuck it, or do what I must to stop the surging hormones from driving me insane as they coursed through my body. My mother became the object of desire.

She spoke on the kitchen wall mounted telephone wearing a sleek summer dress ending above the knees. I entered to ask permission for something trivial and received a hand gesture to wait a moment, as moments wore on I slouched against the leg of the dining room Table which was surrounded by bench seating on two sides.

Endless pacing as she chattered tired my mother and she sat on the bench at the tables end allowing me a perfect view from my position sitting underneath with my back against the leg that was opposite. She began to cross and re-cross her legs modestly to obtain comfort. Then a sibling came to the doorway and noticed me long enough to ask a question then departed.

Mother had perhaps forgotten I was sitting patiently under the table to ask a question after her phone call, however was now reminded of my presence and proximity. Still speaking into the phone she bet down looked at me and smiled as she again held up a finger to gesture she needed a moment then went topside again.

It was summer and I wore cutoff denim shorts and nothing else. I had masturbated twice that morning and recently begun to ejaculate. I knew mother rarely wore panties because there were none in the laundry except during her period. I often took soiled pads from the waste basket and sniffed them while masturbating as well as the few stained over sized panties from the hamper.

I was fully erect as I sat hoping to get a glimpse of mothers pussy if by chance might get careless forgetting I was there and cross her legs more slowly while having no panties on. Perhaps my mother noted my erection when she my sibling reminded her of my presence and she peeked down at me. Perhaps she realized my purpose was more than just being overly patient.

Mother began crossing and recrossing her legs more frequently, however with much less care for modesty. The view was perfect from where I sat as she slowly opened her legs then spread her knees wide apart before eventually recrossing them allowing me extended viewing pleasure.

I didn't need to even touch my cock, it erupted in my shorts filling them with gobs of sperm and fluids that both surprised and scared me. I sat in a state of fear wondering how to exit without mother noticing the wetness of my cum that had soaked a huge area, just as she abruptly ended her conversation on the phone.

Mother bent down and looked at my wet crotch and told me she could smell my cum from where she sat and I was to go to the upstairs bathroom and wait for her at once. I did as ordered and went to the bathroom next to her bedroom and waited for the punishment that I knew must come.

I stood near the tub as she entered seconds after me. She ordered me to drop my shorts and sit on the closed lid of the toilet. Kneeling before me she told me my stepfather was not due home for hours and my siblings were mostly outdoors playing, however I was to be quiet so nobody could hear.

Mother pulled my shorts free of my ankles and licked my cum from them. Then she took my semi erect cock in her mouth and sucked it while cleaning the messy fluids and swallowing them. I was soon erect and she stood to raise her dress to her waist.

Mother’s bushy pussy was inches from my face and I could smell her arousal as she put one leg atop the sink counter and pulled my head into her crotch and ordered me to smell the pussy I wanted to see so badly. She rubbed my face into the flapping labia that hung in fleshy folds beneath the bush of course hair with force.

I nearly erupted each time I inhaled the musky scent of her cunt that was very wet and slippery from her excitement. Mother mashed my face into her pussy telling me to use my tongue on her and taste the pussy I wanted so badly while she began working my head in a circular motion and grinding her hips forward into my wet face.

I struggled to breath but I could not get enough of mother’s pussy as she smeared it all over my face. I thrust my tongue at the flesh that swirled all around my mouth tasting mothers dripping cunt and feeling the heat as her lips swelled to thicker dimensions.

Suddenly Mother thrust my head away from her sex and stood back to drop the straps of her dress and set her sagging breasts free. She then moved forward and straddled me as I sat on the toilet. Taking my cock in hand Mother lowered her huge cunt onto my young cock and slid down all the way.

My horny mother then had me suck her nipples while she bounced up and down on me as she told me to not cum again until she did. Luckily she reached around and inserted her fingers into her ass and started fucking them in and out rapidly which made her orgasm quickly. I spurted just as she was contracting and gripping my head and pulling it against her breast.

I hardly felt her contractions but my orgasm was spurred by my lust for sex. Mother and I fucked each other in secret for several years before I left home and I know it was the taboo nature of it that got her off mostly. Her pussy was large and cavernous like none I have ever seen even to this day and my cock of seven inches couldn't compare to that of my step fathers for certain.

It was often other things that pleasured Mother the years we were naughty in secrecy, such as making me eat her asshole while I masturbated to orgasm, then she would eat my cum from my stomach as I pushed my fist into her almost to the elbow. Mother has passed on now but I think of her often, usually each time I orgasm.  

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