My Wonderful Granny

by Anonymous (Canada)

I have always thought that my 68 yo granny was attractive and I have sexual thoughts about her. She now lives alone in her little condo. I used to stay at her place on holidays and she used to let me sleep on the floor at the side of her bed with a couple of quilts. This weekend she had on a short light cotton nightdress and from my bed I could see in the dimmed room-light her ample but saggy boobs and large nips that matched well with her chubby body. Her fat thighs and large bushy pussy showing through her panties gave me a hard-on.

I thought she had fallen asleep. I wanted to feel her boobs and pussy in her sleep. I called her couple of times and she responded in sleepy voice – ‘can’t you sleep, dear? … come to my bed’. I literally jumped into her bed and she drew me closer. Her body felt warm and soft. I turned her towards me and she planted a kiss on my forehead, in return I kissed her lips. It felt soft and spongy. I kissed her again, she opened her lips.

Still in her closed eyes, I pushed my tongue between her lips a little and met her tongue. She rolled hers around mine and started to suck my tongue. I got bolder now – this is the occasion I must use and use well for the joy of both of us. I am no novice at my age of 24, and I have fucked about half a dozen women aged as young as 18 and older as 40+ during the last 10 years but I liked the mature ones! But was my granny too old?

I felt her sagged boobs with no-bra lifting the nightdress up slowly. My cock was stiff as steel as I slowly tweaked her hardening nips which grew to about an inch. She now was half naked. I quickly took off my boxers, all the while my eyes were fixed on her heaving boobs as she breathed deep. My hands travelled down to take off her laced panties. She lifted her butt a little as if in trance so that I could remove her panties at ease. I wondered for a moment – how could such an aged woman wanted sex so easily!! Now that the panties were down revealing a hairy grey pussy, thick warm folds of pink lips and wet with glistening juices.

She drew my head to her breasts so that I could suckle on her nips and knead her cream-colored boobs. Her nips became hard in my mouth. I leaned forward and put my mouth over one nipple and then went over the other to suck deep. My one hand slipped between her open thighs, she gripped my hardening cock in her hand.

I realized that we are going to have sex with our full consent – no bar ahead! This excited me more and I got a bit bolder. I got my hard throbbing cock closer to her pussy as she raised her thighs apart but the large lips with hairs posed to be some obstacle. I left her boobs and sat between her thighs. I spread her pussy lips while massaging the clit. Her moist inner lips were like velvet as my fingers ran along the wet slit. WOW! Her inner hole seemed to be short as the cervix, most probably, distended down because of her age and by bearing 4 children during the past 40 yrs! The mouth of the cervix was too exposed with a widened opening!!

I gripped my cock … I had to push my cock right now into her inviting softness. All I wanted to do was fuck this hole, fill my granny cunt … I moved closer and squatted between her wide-open legs, my 8”-cock was now inches away from her pink flesh exposing old big cunt hole. I rubbed my cock over the parted lips, so hot and moist it felt against my exposed tip. She was moaning saying put it in – push IT in – IN…

I penetrated in to her glorious hole. It was tight initially due to the distended cervix but AHHHH, my cock glided in, whole of it!! Her cunt closed around my penetrating cock… slowly its inside wall gripped my cock … it felt soft too warm and somewhat ribbed as I pushed my cock further in … it reached deep at the end of her cunt. In response, her walls stretched to accommodate the girth of my cock. Her hole had shrunk may be for being remaining unused for a long time!

But I began to push more, wanting to sink deeper inside until I hit her deepest parts… I want to hit the soft opening of her cervix… without any thought I pushed once more. She gripped my waist by her hands. Suddenly I could feel a tight ring slowly open over my cock-head… I was almost inside her womb!! Ohhmmmm, my cock slipped into her slippery cervix by an inch or so, her tight cervix ring gripped the knob of my cock in return. I could feel it stretching over my shaft for some length as I forced deeper. I was well into her glowing warmth!

I began to rock back and forth… she too started to reciprocate my thrusts. She moaned asking me to push deeper and deeper. I pushed as hard as I could into her. Her cervix clutched couple of inches of my cock too well. We both were abandoned in senseless sensuous sex act. My cock was about to burst to ejaculate …. she was too old to conceive now, I can shoot my cum without any risk of her making pregnant!

I wanted to cum deep inside her womb. Suddenly granny tightened her whole body and reached waves of orgasms as I felt her juices squirt out soaking my balls. With my final deep fucking push, I released jets of steaming hot cum deep into her womb; she shuddered with whimpers as the last flow of my cum drained into her. I pulled out my cock slowly as a squelching sound came out of her cunt and I slipped out. I sat back and watched her gaping hole twitching as cum mixed with her juices dribbled out. Seeing this, my cock started to harden again… I wanted more of her, I was horny again.

I arched over her and forced myself inside her sopping wet pussy! Pounding her cum soaked hole, my balls bouncing against her pussy lips hard… she cried out as I slammed into her again against her gaping cervix pushing it in and out by my cock. Once again I let go deep inside her… aghhhh … she moaned quietly.

At the final thrust my cock was pressed up against her cunt then into the cervix. This time the penetration into her was smooth, warm and easy!! I had fucked granny twice filling her with my hot gushes of cum - Mmmmmmmms she responded all the while. We fucked for nearly three hours – granny was exhausted with her arms and legs resting limp on her bed. I pulled myself off her and lay on the bed beside her. Then gave her lips a quick kiss.

After sometime, I stood up to go to the bathroom to clean myself. Her legs still wide-open releasing cum-juices through her thick bushes. We slept entwined that night, and since then I slept with my grandmother many more times when visiting her.

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