Mom Gets The Best: Pt 3

by Tanya (VT)

Diane smiled, finding this quite amusing.

Right then they were both caught by surprise when Chris walked in through the front door.

He stopped, as he saw the two of them standing naked right there in the kitchen area of the condo.

“Oh!” Diane reacted with stunned look on her face. Cynthia looked just the same.

“Uh …” Chris started, not quite knowing that to say. “Hi, Diane … hi, mom.”

“We weren’t expecting you back this early,” Cynthia said.

“Chris grinned just a little self-consciously. “Uh … yeah. I can tell. The lack of clothes was a dead give away.”

Diane gave him a deliberately smug sort of teasing smirk. “And how do you know that we weren’t waiting just for you?”

“Ooo!” Cynthia said over the insinuation. And she and Diane both laughed.

“A boy and his mom, and his mom’s best friend?” Chris teased back.

“Well, you could take off your clothes and get naked too and join us, and we could see,” said his mom playfully.

Discretely Diane mentioned, “I do know about you and your mom.”

Chris looked a little shy. “Mom said that you did.”

“Well?” his mom questioned with a deliberate smugness, “are you going to?”

“Sure," said Chris.

He put down the books he had brought in with him and started to undress. In just a moment more he was as naked as the two of them were.

His mom and Dian smiled and he stepped over and kissed his mom on the lips lightly, and then Diane kissed him on the lips and they all held each other. Chris felt his penis start to push up with a boner.

“Oh, my!” declared Diane, looking down and see his impressive arousal.” To Cynthia she said, “I can see why the two of you like … um, co-habituating.”

“Fucking, I think is the word that you’re looking for,” Cynthia jibed.

There was a broad smile on Diane’s face. “She we let him fuck us?”

“Oh, yes,” said Cynthia. “Oh! Let’s give him a choice, shall we?”

Hey both laughed and scampered over and got down on the knees, with both of them leaning forward on the cushions of the sofa, with their well rounded bare butts out. Chris stepped over to run his hands over both of their asses, then he reached around to squeeze their bare tities.

Oh, yes!’ said Diane, liking this.

Chris got down on his knees and grasped his erection as he positioned himself behind Diane. “I guess company first,” he said.

“Yes. Diane if definitely company,” his mom agreed.

“Oh!” Diane gasped with a wide-eye surprise as she felt Chis’s hard penis violating her vaginal depth with a male assuredness. “Oh! Easy! It’s been a while since I’ve been fucked like this!”

Chris laughed.

Hold his hands on her hips, he started fuck his hard penis in and out of her, being sure not to be too rough, but giving he every inch of his hard organ.

“Oh! Oh!” Diane moaned as she was practically overcome by the masculine efforts of her best friend’s son.

Chris smiled as he saw his mother watching and it was such a turn on to be fucking Diane like this right in front of her. After a full minute he pulled his erection from Diane and then slid it into his mom.

“Oooooh!” Cynthia said with delight.

Diane watched with interested as she witnessed the mother and son bond being physically exercised.

Chris fucked his mom, going in and out of her with a well practiced ease.

Then, after a moment, he withdrew his organ from her and he proceeded to reinsert it back into Diane. As he began fucking her, his mom reached out a hand to begin playing with her friend’s clit.

“Oh, God!” said Diane as her vagina endured the fucking action being inflicted upon it with Cynthia’s fingering driving her wild. . “Oh … Ohhh … I’m going to come!”

Dian gasped and choked as she climaxed. She had never been fucked so thoroughly in her entire life.

Chris took pleasure having his penis in her while she was having an orgasm.

“I’m going to give it to you, Diane,” he told her.

He then let his boner ejaculate uncontrollably inside of her as he pushed it in as far as he could possibly go. He groaned and let her have his overabundance of semen. His mom was masturbating herself as she watched, reaching her own climax with excitement.

In a moment more all three were spent and drawing in much needed breaths.

“Ohhhhhh …” moaned Diane in a shaky voice as she leaned on the sofa.

Chris saw the look of almost bewildered satisfaction on his mom’s face., and he enjoyed just how satisfied his penis felt have ejaculated inside of Diane.

“Oh, God! Oh, God!” Diane was saying over and over.

Chris laughed. “No. Just Cynthia’s son,” he teased.

Diane groaned and swung her head around to look at him. “You bastard! She said and smiled. “I haven’t been fucked like that in years!”

“I’m glad that you enjoyed it.”

“I think that she did,” said his mom. “I think that we all did.”

Chris could only smile. He had just had sex with his mom and her bisexual lover and best friend all within the space of ten minutes. What could be better?

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