The Hot Mom And Son Affair

by Ray (NV)

It felt good being naked with his mom. Cliff was standing there as his mom sat on the edge of the bed sucking on his dick. He was nineteen and they had started having sex four months before. It was mostly because of his father and the way he was doing this with his mom.

His father was very domineering and he treated Cliff and his mom almost like they were strangers intruding on his life. So he and his mom and always been close, and it was like them against him.

A not very good arrangement or way for a family to be for sure, but that was the way it as. So what did his father expect? It was hardly surprising that he and his mother would begin having a mother and son affair. His father had affairs, lots of them, not caring about his wife or son, and this was just their response to that.

Only for the two of them, it was nice and rewarding that they could share that sort of closeness as mother and son.

As Cliff stood there watching his stiff penis slide wetly in and out of his mom’s mouth, he could not imagine anything more exciting personal as this, and neither could she.

Admittedly Clifford had been a little surprised when his mother and him had bravely first started, not expecting her to be so sexual in the things she liked and enjoyed. She liked performing oral sex and having a penis in her mouth.

She liked it if he jacked off and came all over her, and she would smear his semen around passionately over bare skin. She also liked anal sex, and how the male violation of her private quarters felt as she would masturbate herself to a glorious climax.

There were all things which his father would never participate in with her. As his mom had told him, his father was just an on and off sort of guy, screwing her and satisfying his own urge, and that was it. Cliff was more than happy to indulge his mom’s sexual desires and needs. His mom was the type of woman who liked and needed a variety of sexual and sensual pleasures, and enjoyed being nakedly alive as she indulged in them.

Before he could ejaculate in her mouth that morning, however, he pulled back and grinned at his mom.

“I’m going to stick it in your butt hole,” he told her.

“Oh, yes! Please do!” his mom said with an unconcealed eagerness.

She climbed onto the bed and got on her hands and knees as her son stood behind her and slowly ease his boner into her tight anal pucker.

“OH! Ohhhhh ….” She moaned as she felt his maleness pushing through her sensitive opening and filling her anal sheath.

“Oh, mom … your butt feels so good,” Cliff said.

She loved hearing this. She wanted her son to enjoying fucking her alternative orifice as much as her vagina, and he did. Everyone thought of anal sex as strictly a gay thing, but it wasn’t.

Women were just as capable of enjoying that pleasure as much men did. Even Cliff, on occasion, and while not gay, did not mind having his butt fucked by another guy, finding that exciting in the way that it was. His mom had even used a dildo on his butt more than once.

As her son started to fuck he butt, her fingers danced over her aroused clitoris and rubbed the wet, lubricated opening of her vagina.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Yes!” she gasped and struggled with her rising heat.

Cliff plunged his hard erection into his mother’s anus. Feeling the tight grip of her butt hole caressing his male organ. It was incredible getting to do this in his mom’s butt.

“Yeah, mom! Yeah!” he panted as he gave it to her. “I love being in your ass!”

“Oh, fuck my ass! Fuck my ass!” she cried back with the unrelenting violation of her butt.

In the next moment she succeeded in masturbating her clitoris to an orgasm and she cried out again.


While his mom was coming Cliff did a dozen more insertions into her butt.

He loved seeing his mom nakedly struggling with his dick in her ass.

“Oh, God! Oh, God!” she choked.

Then Cliff ejaculated and delivered a wet stream of his sperm into his mom’s anal sheath, his reproductive organ pulsing it out again and again.

She knew that he was doing this in her and it excitedly finished off her orgasm.

When it was over they were both exhausted for their sexual efforts.

“Oh, honey …” His mom chocked, catching her breath. “I love it when you fuck me like this.”

Cliff smiled loving at his mom. “Oh, mom … I love fucking you.”

His mom smiled back, savoring the mother and son intimacy. She was so grateful to her son for participating in her sexual needs and desires, and of course he was only too happy to, and grateful to his mom for letting him participate. Nothing could be more special than that. Not between the two of them as mother and son.

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