Stolen Naked Moments

by Nadine (IL)

“It’s a good thing that your father isn’t here,” Sandra laughed as she leaned forward with her hands on the metal railing of the bed, letting her son have his way with her.

Sandra was delighted to be having sex with her son in the way that some mothers were. To her this was just something that a mom could enjoy with her own son without his father’s knowledge.

She found it so pleasing to have him standing naked behind her, feeling his hard penis going in and out of her as her wet arousal showed.

“Oh, this feel so good,” she breathed.

“I love doing this with you, mom,” John said as he kept his hard penis smoothly sliding in and out of her vagina.

It was just so significant for a mother and son to have intercourse, and for a boy to have his penis to be in his mom’s vagina. It was just so easy to let that be a part of the natural bond between them.

Sandra’s bare feet were spread well apart on the carpeted floor and her hands gripped the bed railing as the gentle rhythm of her son’s insertions continued uninterrupted.

“Ohhh,” she moaned. “If your father ever found out that you had your penis in your mom …”

“He won’t find out,” John said confidently.

He and his mom usually had sex in the mornings shortly after his dad left for work. It was such a great way to start the day doing this together.

His penis made wet sounds as it slid in and out and his mom laughed and wrinkled her nose over this and he laughed, too. Over and over his stomach came up against her smooth, soft buttocks while his hands held and fondled her bare breasts, playing and teasing her erect nipples. Sandra reached her hand down to masturbate her clitoris as he engaged her. Her fingers teased its large, swollen protruding shape.

Quickly she brought herself to an orgasm.

“OH! OH! OH! OH! OH!” she panted as she climaxed.

In the next moment her son was ejaculating in her, grunting as the semen pulsed form his hard penis to fill his mom’s vagina.

Then, almost with relief, it was over for both of them, and once more they had successfully shared their mom and son intimacy. John pulled his penis out and Sandra turned to give him a big kiss on the mouth.

They held each other and savored their naked, secret stolen moment together.

While Sandra would have never cheated on her husband, doing this with her own son was different. It was so special to have an orgasm with her son and to have his sperm in her. And John loved this, too.

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