Mum And Me

by James Dalton (Lincoln, UK)

Mum had divorced my dad two years earlier.

One day I was passing her bedroom the door was slightly ajar, i could see that mum was cupping her breasts and licking her nipples.

Not only that but she was completely naked.

I was just going to carry on to my room when she called is that you Jame's, yes i replied, well i hope you enjoyed peeking at me.

I was gob smacked.

Now come in here, i did as told, there was my mum complete with her shaved pussy facing me.

I hope you enjoyed it more than what you think about when you masturbate.

By this time looking at my naked mother, i was almost shaking like a leaf not with fright, but with trying not to get a full hard cock.

Mum was 5ft 8in tall large breasted not enormous but large, then she beckoned me into her room i did as i was told.

Sat on the bed, now Jame's, i now that you are growing up fast and at 18, you need to learn how a woman’s body works, but instead of telling you, I am going to show you.

But it must always stay with us two, agreed.

I nodded.

She walked over to the bed her breasts swinging from side to side sat on the bed next to me.

I can see that you are straining to be released, so take off your cloths and you will be more comfortable.

I did has i was told, but when i removed my slacks and shorts, my mum’s eyes were twice their usual size.

Mum smiled and said my you are a big boy.

I was 6 inch long and 5 inch around.

I sat back on the bed mum twisted around with her legs open.

Well Jame's in my vagina pointing, she slightly opened herself and this is my clitoris, a 1 inch button, pulling her fanny open more she showed me her vulver which was glistening with female jizz.

She then said you are going to put your cock in there soon.

I was now getting a bit scared of what was happening.

Mum soon put me at ease by placing her hand on my leg and saying this will enable you to help your girlfriend find their thrilling moments.

Right son, it’s time for you to search my body.

Do to me what you want starting with my breasts, and working yourself down to my vagina.

I got to my knees and faced mum, i reached out to caress her tits which were much softer than i had thought they were lovely and responsive to my touch.

I kept on playing with one hand and with the other reaching down to her fanny, I felt the outside of her moist fanny i felt her clitoris, that had swelled to twice its size slipped my middle finger into her vulvar.

She moaned and squirmed a bit, then she took hold of my rampant cock and pulled me towards her.

I responded and slipped it into her we were linked together until i shot my load.

I looked at mum whose smile i had not seen for two years.

Next time you will last longer.

I did but that’s another story, one of many.

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